Invesco Teams Up With Galaxy Digital To Develop Suite Of Cryptocurrency ETFs

Invesco (an asset management giant) and Galaxy Digital are collaborating to develop a collection of the ETFs of physically supported digital assets, notwithstanding the present regulatory uncertainty spread around these products within the United States. Invesco is an Atlanta-based company managing virtual assets valuing up to $1.5 trillion (nearly $470 billion) under indexed strategies and ETFs. It disclosed the news of collaboration on Wednesday.

The head of the company’s indexed strategies and ETFs for America, John Hoffman, stated that while doing a partnership the firm always focuses on working with the finest in the category regarding the experts of the subject, and Galaxy does have a significant experience about all the characteristics of crypto assets. He added that both the parties are centred on a mutual dream and especially a path leading toward the awareness for assisting the investors to safely route this latest technology.

A crypto analyst and editor at, Sumit Roy, mentioned that there is a lot of significance of this collaboration as a well-rooted player of the ETF world is partnering with a rapidly spreading company within the crypto world. However, he elaborated, in this collaboration, none of the members will be dominating the other one. In April, Galaxy (having $2.1 billion of assets under its management) had submitted a filing for an ETF in the United States to enable the investment straight in BTC. An amendment was later made into that file under the SEC. Currently, Invesco is listed to be a promoter for the projected fund.

In June, the company had filed to introduce a Crypto-Economy-ETF to primarily invest in companies of cryptocurrency and a 10% in futures of Bitcoin. The projected fund would pursue tracking the Alerian-Galaxy-Global-Blockchain-Index, which focuses on cryptocurrency. In the last month, the company also submitted to launch a strategy offering of Bitcoin in the market to invest a majority or entirety of the assets thereof in futures contracts being sold and purchased on the CME (Chicago-Mercantile-Exchange).

Gary Gensler, the chairman of the SEC, has been outspoken during the recent months regarding the requirement for an effective regulation across the crypto space. Notwithstanding that the projected ETFs for making a direct investment into Bitcoin are still waiting for their approval by the SEC, Gensler signalled (while appearing in a digital forum during August) that the agency would favourably approve the ETFs that are restricted to invest just in the futures contracts of Bitcoin.

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