It is Time to End Ties with European Union, Says Russia

According to the latest reports, the Russian Government has made an announcement that is going to be very concerning for the European Union. Russia has stated that it is now time for the country to cut its ties with the European Union.

Just recently, a small portion of the interview was posted on the foreign ministry website for Russia. The interview published by the Russian foreign ministry reveals that there is a lot of friction and tension going on between the two sides.

It was during the interview when the question was posed by the interviewer if Russia was planning to part ways with the European Union. Sergey Lavrov, who is the Foreign Affairs Minister of Russia made a statement that hinted at the options Russia was looking into.

Lavrov stated that the reason they are deciding to part ways with the European Union is based on the facts that they can. The Russian government feels that it is now ready to make that decision and has all the rights to.

The minister made it clear that the Russian government is being targeted with sanctions and other unjust actions. Therefore, if the country faces another sanction imposed by the EU on any of its sectors without any legit reason, it will execute its partition with the EU.

He stated that they are very concerned about the sanctions that have been imposed on the country, solely to damage and risk the solidarity of their economy.

Lavrov stated that Russia would never want to isolate itself and end its relations with global economies and diplomats. However, if the country is pushed to that point and sees that its economy is being harmed, then it will do what it sees fit. He also concluded his talk on the matter with a very alarming statement stating that if there is hope for peace, then we should be ready for the war.

Right after the publishing of the interview, the journalists and other media sources tried approaching the concerning parties for comments. However, both the European Commission and the foreign affairs ministry for Russia did not make any comments on the situation right away.

The tensions between the Russian Government and the European Union escalated by the end of last week. The foreign policy chief from the European Union, Josep Borrell, had visited the foreign policy chief from Russia based in Moscow. The analysts are now describing the visit by Josep Borrell as a trip that was humiliating.

It was during the visit when JosepBorrell strongly opposed the arrest of Alexei Navalny that was conducted by the authorities of Russia. Alexei Navalny is one of the high critics of Vladimir Putin and as per Navalny, the assassination attempt made against him was the work of Putin.

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