OrbitGTM Review – A Few Reasons It Beats Most of Its Competitors

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OrbitGTM Review

It does not matter which service or product you are in the market for, you can’t find a good bargain unless you spend some time on it. You can’t live with the impression that the first thing you see is the best one you can get. A lot of new traders make this mistake when it comes to choosing an online trading platform. In a way, they are trying to make things easy for them. They just want to start at some point without investing too much time in knowing things that take time to understand. Well, that’s a mistake and I am here to tell you that.

I have made that mistake and I don’t want you going the same route. I think you deserve to pick the best trading platform from the first day of your trading. It is not really that easily possible unless you have someone to guide you in the right direction. From my bad experience, I think I have reached a point where I can guide you in that direction. So, I am telling you about OrbitGTM, an online platform with a great platform for trading, some really nice assets, and security features that you can really admire. There is a lot for you to know about this platform and so I will take my time in explaining everything in this OrbitGTM Review.

I hope everything makes sense to you even if you are thinking about trading for the first time. So, here we go with a detailed review of OrbitGTM to find out the reasons that make it a better pick compared to its competitors.

Trading TypeCFD
Available AssetsCommodities, Stocks, Indices, Forex, Crypto (not CFDs)
Account TypesBronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP
Private TrainingYes
Customer SupportPhone, Email, Live Chat
Website LanguageEnglish, Deutsch, Danish, Swedish, Dutch
Savings AccountYes (With Diamond and VIP accounts)

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Take a Small First Step

That’s what all the experts in the industry will tell you. You should be focused on taking small steps in the beginning and only when you have fully learned to walk the dynamic landscape of online trading should you move to bigger leaps. You don’t want to go big right from day one because that means a lot of risk. Risk is great for online traders, but not when they are not aware or prepared for it. When you start trading, you won’t know what risk you are exposed to and for that reason, you should not be taking huge risks.

So, what is the biggest risk a trader has to take when he/she starts trading? Well, of course, the first thing you have to do is to spend your money that you have saved for a long time. You have kept this money safe because you wanted to achieve something in life. You want financial stability and that’s why you want to invest your money into some prolific and lucrative. Can you put all of that hard-earned cash on the line just like that? That’s not the right thing to do. You should only put in a small portion of the money you have saved into trading.

That’s where I think this company really shines. It provides you with a great opportunity to trade your favorite assets with a very small amount. So, if you want to be a trader, you can start with a small deposit of only 500 EUR. Yes, that will give you access to some of the basic features of the trading account. For now, that’s how much I will talk about this particular feature because I will be doing into the details of the trading accounts later. All you have to know is that you will have access to all the assets with this amount.

Private Training Sessions

I am talking about this particular feature because I am assuming that most of the people reading this review are new to trading. Of course, if you are an experienced trader, you are probably with a company for trading already. So, you don’t need help from anyone. However, if you are new to trading, I want your attention to this particular feature. It is very important that you get some training before you start trading. I have tried some other sources on the internet for learning how to trade. When I started, there was this YouTube who was supposed to be a trading “guru”.

I only realized a little later that he was not the right guy to learn from, mainly because he was asking for a lot of money for everything. He would offer you one video, call it a course, and ask for more money if you wanted to move to the next step. I literally paid three or four times, and then I kind of knew I had to find a different way of learning. However, ebooks and videos, which are usually offered by just about all the online brokers, don’t help me much. I need to learn things from someone who can explain them to me. I can’t just read ideas and make sense of them.

That’s where I think OrbitGTM really helped me a great deal. The company helps you be a part of training sessions conducted by the best professionals of the industry. It does not matter which ethnicity, age group, or part of the world you belong to when you are attending a private session. That’s what makes this feature so unique. If you want to ask a particular question many times, you can do that because you are getting the private time. Yes, you won’t get this feature with the basic account, but you don’t have to be signed up with the most expensive account only to get this feature.

OrbitGTM trading platform

Economic and ICO Calendars

Do you know what matters the most when you start trading? Well, without a doubt, information is everything. The more information you have about things, the more you will be on the right track with your trading. In this particular case, information means news, which is also the actual meaning of the word “news”. So, you have to stay up-to-date with the latest news to know what factors are going to affect the value of the assets that you are about to trade. So, you have to know what upcoming events will affect the market in a positive or negative manner.

How do you know about all those things? Well, you have the broker for all of that. When you sign up with OrbitGTM, you will get all the news and information that you need as a trader. You will have access to the economic calendar that will tell you about all the upcoming events. This particular calendar will give you information about all the different events that can affect a variety of financial markets as a whole. On the other hand, you also have access to the ICO calendar. If you are new to trading, you might not be aware of ICOs. ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, which is a way for cryptocurrency and Blockchain projects to launch.

They offer you their coins and in exchange ask you for your digital currencies. This is more like an investment that you have to make into the coin after considering its future possibilities of growth. If you invest in the right digital currency or project, you can make a lot of money. Don’t forget that there are people who once invested in Bitcoin when it was not even equal to a dollar. Things have changed quite fast and those who invested in this currency are not millionaires. So, you have to know about the upcoming launches before they happen to invest in the right direction.

That’s where this ICO calendar will come in handy. It will provide you with the dates of all the upcoming ICOs so you can already research them to know more about them. Eventually, you can invest in digital currencies that you think will soar high in the coming months and years.

Charts and Trading Glossary

There are so many things through which I can prove that this company really cares about its traders. When you sign up with this team, you will notice that you have just about everything in your reach that can help you with your trading. So, let’s start with the trading glossary. This is something so basic yet so rare on online trading websites. They keep focusing on providing you with bonuses and promotions. They attract you with a lot of different luring bonuses on your first deposit. However, they don’t offer you what you need the most.

What you need is charts that give you instantaneous information about the asset that you are investing your money in. Trading is all about keeping an eye on the movement of the assets that you want to trade in, and that’s where charts come in. You don’t have to look at any third-party sources if you are looking for some good charts. Most importantly, if you are looking forward to trading cryptocurrencies, I am sure you will find the charts of all the best cryptocurrencies in the world on OrbitGTM. For those who do technical analysis before trading, these charts can be a blessing.

So, you can see that with trading glossary, you can understand everything that will come in your way when it comes time to learn. Even when you are reading the charts, you have to know certain terminologies for the charts to make sense to you. I have always gotten a lot of help from the trading glossary that OrbitGTM has on its website. The best thing about this glossary is that everything has been explained in layman terms, so I am sure you will not have a hard time understanding the definitions.

Ebooks and Videos for Learning

This is something that you will hear from every online trading services provider. They keep telling you that they offer you some great ebooks and videos for learning. They talk at length about these particular assets because they know you will be attracted. However, there is a big shock waiting for you in some cases. I have been with some companies that talked a lot about their training material. What training material I asked? They always quoted the ebooks and videos. They would always tell me how these videos would explain to me everything visually and through animations.

Do you know what I got when I signed up with them? Everything basic and rudimentary. I wanted to learn so much more about trading, but all they gave me was some basic knowledge about it. I could not trade with that knowledge. Yes, I started to know how things worked in the trading world. However, I still did not think I was in any position to trade on my own. That confidence only comes when you know everything you are doing. That’s where I think the ebooks and videos from OrbitGTM really made a huge difference for me.

The ebooks and videos from OrbitGTM really make sense. The moment you start reading and viewing them, you realize that they have been put together by professionals. You can clearly see that every idea in the ebooks has been put there by someone who understands what trading is all about. At the same time, you have a huge variety of ebooks and videos. Starting from the basics of trading, you can learn even the most difficult and advanced trading strategies through these assets. I am sure you will appreciate the quality of the training material from this broker just as much as I do.

Protection of Data

Protection of Data

I am surprised at myself that I have not talked about this particular feature until now. This is probably the most important thing that you have to know as a trader no matter which online broker you sign up with. It should not be limited to just OrbitGTM because that’s not the point. When you sign up with an online company, you have to make sure that they protect your information and identity. Why are they responsible for it? Well, once you sign up, you have to provide them with your personal and sensitive information. Once you have given the information to them, they are the ones who have to protect it.

The problem with today’s world is that everything is connected. It is connected in such a manner that when you give out your details on the internet, hackers can get access to it no matter which part of the world they are in. So, it is the job of the online websites to have proper security measures in place. And yes, with OrbitGTM, you can expect only the best. The company is making sure to encrypt every piece of data that you provide on the website. The information you provide gets encrypted with the latest encryption standards, so even the most sophisticated methods of stealing information won’t work.

Protection of Your Funds

Of course, just like your information, your money is important too. It is just that in the digital era, it is more important to protect your information than it is to protect your money. However, your money needs protection and again, once you have deposited funds in your account, it is your broker that has to ensure the protection. You have to know that there are certain standards and regulations that online companies have to follow to ensure their traders that their money is safe with them .So, in this particular, you have to know about segregation.

If you are new to trading, you might have heard that term for the first time. Well, segregation is all about putting your funds in segregated accounts. What does that really mean? There was a time in the past when online companies were putting the money of their traders in the same accounts that they had their own money in. This mixed up the money and when something wrong happened to the account of the broker, the traders lost their money as well. This incited a movement and it was made a standard that online trading services providers would maintain the money of their traders in separate accounts.

You will be surprised to know that there are still some entities that will not put your money in separate accounts. You will be shocked to see the types of banks that they put your money into. So, I recommend that you sign up with OrbitGTM, and rest assured that your money will go into segregated funds. More importantly, these are some of the most recognized and well-regulated banks in which OrbitGTM will maintain your funds. That’s the type of security you need as a trader when you sign up with online trading services providers.

Trade Assets of Many Kinds

You are not living in a world 30 years old. You are living in the modern world where aggregation has really become a thing. You will notice that as a trader or consumer, you like things aggregated. You like Google because it provides you with many similar websites in the same place. You like online job boards because you can find out about many different jobs and companies on the same website. You like food delivery services because you can find out about the deal of all the restaurants near you in the same place. In a similar way, traders like it when they can trade a variety of assets from the same platform.

That’s what you will get when you sign up with OrbitGTM. When you sign up with the right trading platform, you get to choose from a variety of assets. You are not made to trade only one asset all the time. Not to mention, no trading expert in the world will ever tell you that you should trade only one asset. In fact, the advice will always be the exact opposite. They tell you that you should put your money into many different assets and spread your risk. This allows you to learn about many assets, diversifies your trading portfolio, and keeps your risks at minimum.

With OrbitGTM, you will have access to a variety of assets that come from just as many financial markets. You are not stuck in stocks or forex only. You will be able to trade forex currency pairs and stocks from the best companies. You can also trade indices that come from not only the American but many other markets of the world. Commodities are there for you so you can trade precious metals, fresh produce, and some valuable energies of the world. Last but not least, you can also trade digital currencies. You can trade a variety of digital currencies that include but are not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, and many more.

Great Service on the Phone and Email

Don’t ever think about signing up with a company that does not take its traders/customers seriously. You can see that from the type of customer support you are getting. In the case of OrbitGTM, you will only be talking to professionals who listen to you and provide you with a practical resolution to your problem. You will love the fact that you have many different phones numbers that you can call. You can pick the number that is dedicated for your country. You also have different email addresses so you can send your concern to the right department.

What makes things even better is that you have live chat support on the website that allows you to talk to someone instantly when you land on the website.

Final Thoughts

You can see that OrbitGTM does not beat its competitors by going over the top with things. Instead, it does that by simply providing its traders with everything they need. You want flexible trading, you will have it. You want to trade many assets, you can do that. You want big leverages, you have them too. What it is that you think you will not get when you sign up with OrbitGTM?

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