Knight-Swift, HSBC, and more Companies Making Stock Price Movements

Knight-Swift Transportation has recently shown up in the stock markets demonstrating a 1.5% increase in the stock market listings in the premarket trading. The truck and logistics company experienced a rise because it recently had its stock status upgraded by the UBS analysts. According to the UBS analysts, Knight-Swift Transportation has been demonstrating a clear and significant growth in the past few quarters. They have analyzed and assessed that the company’s business has been growing much faster than what was predicted by the analysts.

Looking at the company’s constant growth and performance, the company’s stock has been upgraded to “buy”. Prior to the change, the stock status of the company was set to “neutral”.

HSBC, the investment banking giant from the United Kingdom has also followed the trend and shared its earnings report for the past quarter. In the earnings report, HSBC has revealed that its profits have experienced a 74% increase compared to the same quarter of 2020. In addition to its profit, the investment banking giant has also announced that it will be carrying out a share buyback that would be worth $2 billion.

Whirlpool has reportedly experienced a drop in its share prices in the premarket trading. The data shows that the share prices for the appliance maker have experienced a 1.4% drop. This happened when its stock status was reportedly downgraded by the analysts from RBC Capital. Prior to the change, the stock status of the appliance maker was “sector perform”. Following the change, the company’s stock status was changed to “underperform”.

As a result of the change, the company’s stock prices have experienced a fall. Another reason behind the company’s stock price downgrade is because the company’s stock prices recently experienced a drop in the North American market.

The next companies on the list are Pfizer and BioNTech that are soon to experience a rise in their share prices. This is because the vaccine created by these companies have passed their testing phase with flying figures. The report confirms that their testing results have come back with a 90.7% success rate in children between the ages group of 5 and 11. The health officials have hinted that the vaccine for COVID-19 will be rolled out in the month of November for kids.

Southwest Gas comes last on the list as it is constantly in discussions because of its major investor Carl Icahn. He has been reacting to the reports of Southwest Gas being sold to Questar for a price up to $1 billion. Icahn has demanded that prior to the deal, Southwest Gas must sell its shares to the existing shareholders. He stated that he is willing to buy out any shares that haven’t been sold and he is willing to offer $75 per share.

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