NASDAQ Rallies as Investors Return to Markets

On Thursday, stock futures ended up facing a downtrend and ended up dipping. It happened as the investors returned to markets for a fresh start and invest heavily in the stock exchange markets. One of the major factors why the investors have returned to markets is because of the strong earnings shared by the corporate sector.

Futures Dipped by 0.19%

On that particular day, Dow Jones Industrial Average-tied stock futures experienced a fall. Dow Jones recorded a 0.19% dip losing 62 points in the process.

The S&P 500 futures also experienced a dip in the stock trading session on Thursday. The stock market report shows that the S&P 500 experienced a 0.18% dip. The NASDAQ 100 futures have also experienced a drop. The report shows that NASDAQ 100 has recorded a 0.19% drop.

The downward movement in the futures trading is due to the rebound that is being recorded for stocks on Wall Street.

Upward Movement of Stock Indexes

The stock market report shows that the NASDAQ Composite has jumped almost 1.6%. In the five trading sessions, four trading sessions have proven to be positive. The overall jump that the particular index has recorded in a week is 3.9%.

Then it is the Dow Jones index that has recorded 3 out of 4 trading sessions within the positive zone. The particular index has jumped 1.9% in the recent stock trading sessions.

The S&P 500 has also moved higher in the recent trading session. The data shows that the blue-chip index has reportedly surged 2.5% in the recent market trading sessions.

Bulls are Returning to Market

The surges in the stock market indexes show that investors have started coming back to the market. One of the US investment analysts at eToro, Callie Cox, the tech sector has started moving in the upward direction.

Even the cryptocurrency industry has also started moving in a positive direction as the investors are investing in all sectors related to technology. The tech sector has been moving in an upward direction in recent trading sessions.

So far, the month of July has proven to be extremely positive and supportive of the stock sector.

Notable Stock Price Movements

The stock market shows that the share prices for CSX and Alcoa have recorded positive gains. Both companies have reported that they generated promising earnings in recent quarters.

Then comes Tesla which has experienced a dip in its share prices. United Airlines has experienced a more than a 6% drop in its share prices in the recent trading session.

Major companies such as American Airlines and AT&T are yet to share their earnings results and it is highly likely that their share prices may move upwards as well.

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