OKX Expands Partnership with Man City to Include Shirt Sleeve Sponsorship

Crypto exchange and Manchester City partner OKX has expanded its partnership with the football club to become a shirt sleeve sponsor. The exchange is now the latest in the digital asset space to push into sports with the new partnership.

The partnership was revealed at an event at Manchester City’s Etihad stadium on Friday, where City Football Group chief executive officer Ferran Soriano announced that the OKX brand will feature on the left sleeve of both the men’s and women’s first team playing kits.

OKX will also retain its position on the left sleeve of the first team training kits, and will feature on all digital and physical club assets going forward.

“We are very proud to have OKX represented on the sleeve of the Manchester City shirt. Both OKX and Manchester City are leading companies driven by a passion for innovation. We have already seen great Web3 experiences designed by OKX for Manchester City’s global fan base and there will be many more to come. This is a very exciting partnership,” Soriano said.

The partnership between OKX and Man City started in March 2022, when OKX’s branding was added to the club’s training kit in July 2022. The two companies have also collaborated majorly in cyberspace, via a series of Web3 experiences to connect fans with Manchester City players, but this expansion crowns it all for OKx.

OKX Promises Fans “Amazing Things”

Sports is one of the sectors that cryptocurrency is pushing into hard. With this Man City partnership, OKX is ahead of most of the space. Haider Rafique, chief marketing officer at OKX while responding to the new partnership said it is only the beginning of great things to come, and Man City fans can expect “amazing things” when they interact with OKX.

“The sleeve partnership brings us closer to City fans across the globe, and we look forward to collaborating to create unique, exciting and innovative engagements through Web3 technology. As the Club’s Official Cryptocurrency Exchange Partner, fans can expect amazing things every time they interact with OKX,” he said.

OKX’s Expansion Plans

As crypto crackdown intensifies in the US and other countries, OKX, like other crypto companies are looking for safe havens. OKX revealed earlier this month that it intends to establish an office in crypto-friendly Dubai to increase its presence in the Middle East. The company is still waiting for regulatory clearance to open an office in the Dubai World Trade Centre.

This will greatly expand the exchange’s reach and increase its growth potential as Dubai and the United Arab Emirates as a whole have demonstrated immense support for crypto with its regulations. OKX in March opened an office in Hong Kong, another booming crypto haven.

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