Parler Apps Will be Offline Longer than Estimated, Says CEO of Parler

As per reports, the social media application known as ‘Parler’ has gone offline a few days back. The application is very popular among the supporters of President Donald Trump and conservatives. The reason for the application going off the grid has been confirmed to be the withdrawal made by Amazon.

Amazon has withdrawn its support for the Parler application after the United States riots that went deadly last week. It has been revealed that the Parler application is reliant on the cloud computing power that is supported by Amazon Web Services.

According to Parler officials, they had received the notification from Amazon Web Services last weekend. In the notification, AWS notified the Parler management that it will no longer be able to support or provide cloud services to the application anymore.

The notification also confirmed that in light of the events, AWS will be revoking its support for the Parler application starting Sunday, January 10, 2021, at 11:59 pm (PT).

The above information was also gathered and shared by the CNBC network. The CNBC network also approached one of the Amazon spokespersons to confirm the authenticity of the letter. Although the Amazon representative did confirm the authenticity of the letter the person was reluctant to make any further comments.

Following the recent updates, John Matze has released a statement to notify all the Parler followers. John Matze, who is the CEO and Founder of ‘Parler’ announced to the public that the re-instating of the application would take longer than the expected time.

Ever since the shutdown of the application, there are many concerns around the re-instating of the application among the users. However, Matze has made a statement so everyone knows exactly where the application stands and also hinted towards the possibilities of what might happen.

Matze has revealed the main reason why the application has remained shut down for longer than expected. He confirmed that the main reason is behind the longer shutdown is because the major platforms are not willing to working with Parler. The companies that have released the statements confirming these rumors include Apple, Amazon, and Google.

Matze confirmed that it is not because of the software restrictions that they are not able to re-launch their application. It is just that the Parler management is waiting for the go from the rest of the platforms so they can launch the application.

Matze confirmed that they have everyone’s data and the required software ready to launch the application. So all they are waiting for is approval from AWS and other platforms so they can re-launch their services.

Due to Apple, Amazon, and Google launching the statements that they do not want to work with Parler, many other vendors have backed out from providing their services to the application.

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