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It seems like with each passing day, there’s a new cybersecurity breach affecting some major companies. This especially applies to platforms that store users’ financial information, so it really makes me wonder if my data is safe anywhere. While trading platforms have yet to catch up with cybersecurity trends, PheonixTB broker is leading a change by implementing better data security practices.

I’ve seen a couple of anonymous posts calling PheonixTB scam online but I wanted to try out its features myself. In this PheonixTB review, I’ll discuss the platform’s features and see if the scam claims are true.

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SSL Encryption Protocols

Most of the trading platforms online are vulnerable to data breaches and cybersecurity risks. Hackers can simply intercept outgoing and incoming data, giving them access to highly sensitive user information.

To keep this from happening, PheonixTB trading platform uses advanced SSL encryption on its website. It works by encrypting the incoming and outgoing information until it reaches its destination.

This way, even if hackers attempt to intercept the information as it passes through cyberspace, it’ll be unreadable, so they can’t use it. This is useful for when users enter their personal data, such as financial information, on the platform.

Once the website receives your data, it keeps it on a secure server to prevent data breaches, which could lead to a slew of other problems, such as credit card fraud, identity theft, etc. To make sure that hackers can’t access any other personal information, the PheonixTB Broker website only requires you to enter necessary information.

KYC And AML Compliance

Since trading platforms started cropping up all over the internet, many criminals have been using them as a way to launder their money. To make matters worse, some of them are making accounts using other people’s information, which classifies as identity theft.

To prevent this from happening, all legitimately established trading platforms have to comply with international regulations. As part of these requirements, PheonixTB trading platform has a Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering Policy.

According to these policies, the Broker platform is required to verify the identity of every new user. This is to ensure that the person making the account is exactly who they claim to be.

And if you want to make any amendments to this data, you’ll have to go through a complete process that requires reverification. Many users have mentioned in their PheonixTB reviews that the policy helps in creating a safe trading environment where they’re not constantly looking over their shoulder.

PheonixTB KYC/AML compliance

Segregated Accounts For User Funds

A major concern among new traders is what happens to their deposits in the event that the company faces financial problems. There have been many instances in which, when faced with pressure from creditors, platforms were forced to hand over users’ funds.

This could be financially devastating for users who funnel all their savings into their trades. To prevent this from happening, the Trading platform keeps users’ funds in a segregated account.

The purpose of using segregated accounts is that the money used by the company for day-to-day operations are kept separately. Meanwhile, users’ funds are kept in trust, so even in the worst-case scenario, their money will be returned to them.

This reassured me and now I don’t have to worry about waking up and finding that all my funds are gone.

PheonixTB user funds

Bottom Line

To sum up everything I’ve mentioned so far in my review: the platform is equipped with advanced data security measures that keep your information safe. The website has SSL encryption protocols that are designed to keep user data out of the wrong hands.

Additionally, they follow Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering requirements to provide users with a safe trading environment. To prevent users from losing their funds in case the platform faces financial instability, their funds are stored in segregated accounts.

Considering the features I discussed above, it’s safe to say that the PheonixTB scam rumors are false.

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