Price Analysis of Highstreet (HIGH) and Doge Killer (LEASH)

Highstreet May Surge to $10.87

The Highstreet (HIGH) investors have been increasing their buying power at a high rate and in the past 24-hours, their power has been overwhelming. In the past 24-hours, a 20.70% growth rate has been observed for Highstreet, which has pushed its price up to a high of $7.75 per HIGH.

Before the bulls formed a strong rally, the price of Highstreet was at a low of $6.50 per HIGH. The bulls did try forming a rally prior to the recent one, but the bears showed no flexibility. They kept shutting down the bulls with stronger selling power until the bulls countered at a high rate.

As the rally remains persistent and strong, the trading volume for Highstreet may continue to grow higher. Even at the moment, the trading volume has witnessed a 220.43% growth rate in the past 24-hours. The trading volume for Highstreet is now at $100,316,837.

If the bulls keep defeating the bears, then they may continue elevating the price of Highstreet to higher levels. The first attempt made by the bulls may push the price of Highstreet to a high of $8.56 per HIGH.

As the rally keeps getting stronger, more investors may start supporting the bulls, which may push its price to a high of $9.73 per HIGH. In the due course, the price of Highstreet may grow up to the major resistance mark ($10.87)

Doge Killer May Surge to $2,157.67

The price of Doge Killer (LEASH) has also elevated at a remarkable rate in the past 24-hours. According to the report from CoinMarketCap, the price of Doge Killer surged by 21.14%, which has brought its value up to a high of $1,786.16 per LEASH.

Even now, the bulls are in high spirits and they are going for higher gains, which has also pushed Doge Killer’s trading volume by 362.19%. As the bulls keep acquiring more Doge Killer, more value will be added to it, bringing it up to $1899.81 per LEASH.

As the bulls keep building more momentum, the price of Doge Killer may raise to $1957.19 per LEASH. With the demand for Doge Killer growing higher, the investors may start investing more into Doge Killer, bringing it up to $2,157.67 per LEASH.

Looking at the negative side of Doge Killer, if the bears start flushing out Doge Killer on a very high scale, then Doge Killer may turn bearish. This would result in the price of Doge Killer getting turned down to $1,636.61 per LEASH.

As the bears continue with their selling spree, the situation may turn ever more bearish for Doge Killer. As a result, the price of Doge Killer may dive down to $1,512.54 per LEASH.

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