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Razor Trade Review

Razor Trade logoRazor Trade is a versatile broker with a wide range of assets offering to help the traders to diversify their portfolios. Trading has grown into something that nobody could have predicted. In contrast to being a sector that needed physical meetings and travels to the market, it is now an online sector. However, the transition to online trading has made things more difficult since traders are wary about trusting brokers. However, if you come along a brokerage like Razor Trade, you should not be concerned, and you will see why in our Razor Trade review.

Before the twenty-first century, trade needed a physical location. Investors would have to go to the brokerage firms and the markets for their trading to be completed. However, in the twenty-first century, as the internet grew and technology improved to the point that trading turned digital, things began to change. Many traders recognize the value of this, but traditional traders may not regard it favorably. However, it is clear that trading has only lately become widespread, and that technical development has also contributed to this. The characteristics of online trading, as well as the benefits it offers, have piqued the curiosity of modern traders.

One of the primary reasons for the increased interest is that online trading now has a future. It gives investors the option of investing in highly rewarding cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are a type of digital cash that you may possess over the internet but cannot touch or see in person. Because cryptocurrency is a currency of the future, which means that the world is gradually moving to a digital paradigm, traders have grown intrigued and have begun to trade. It made trading more popular and motivated many others to enter the trading business. Brokers started to introduce themselves in the industry to cater to the massive influx of traders. Although having numerous alternatives of brokers is a positive thing, it has also complicated investors because it is difficult to pick the correct broker from hundreds of possibilities.

Traders frequently become irritated and select a random broker. However, this is not appropriate since it will harm your trading career. So, to prevent sabotaging your experience, do your homework before subscribing to a broker. This study will also explain why it is critical to properly select your broker. It is mentioned numerous times just because a broker has specific characteristics that will provide you with a positive trading experience. You must also remind yourselves that you’re doing it to make money. Because in this way, you must make sensible decisions, such as selecting a broker who will give you the necessary assistance.

Razor Trade is an incredible introduction to the list of reliable brokers. They have a wide variety of trading assets, they offer currencies, commodities, forex, and CFDs. They offer the easiest options for account creation, withdrawals, deposits, and reliable customer support. Let’s take an insight into some of the features of this broker in this Razor Trade review.

A Full-Service Trading Platform

Razor Trade website

The trading platform is among the most essential aspects of a firm, but first, let me explain what a trading platform is. If you understand the significance of a decent trading platform, you can surely see why you should consider it first when selecting a broker. It makes no difference whether you wish to register with the platform or execute trades. Everything is managed via a trading platform. This implies that you must utilize it on a daily basis and that it must be accurate.

When we compare different brokers, we see that several of them have some really amazing features. However, those brokers’ trading platforms are awful. This affects the trader’s entire experience, and the services provided by brokers are useless. If a broker provides you with everything you need as a trader, but their trading platform may not support those services. So, what’s the purpose of having all of those qualities if you can’t use them to their maximum potential? This is where the majority of brokers fall short. However, Razor Trade is not like any other broker. Razor Trade’s trading platform is simply a full trading platform that includes everything a trader could possibly desire from a brokerage firm.

Online trading is quite unpredictable. If you’ve ever traded on the online market, you’ll know that it may alter many times in a single day. This implies that you must respond swiftly. Even a few minutes’ delays might result in significant losses for traders. In order to help traders solve this issue, Razor Trade has developed a platform for any gadget that you may own. If you are at home, you may easily trade using your computer or laptop. You may trade with ease by downloading Razor Trade’s well-optimized trading platform. But what if you’re not at your house or on the road? Trades will not halt or slow down for you. Razor Trade has also developed a platform for your smartphones and tablets for this reason. Whether you are an Apple or Android user, there are mobile programs for both sorts of traders that will allow you to trade from wherever you wish. So you no longer need to be at home to trade.

Accounts for Trading

Like other trading platforms, Razor Trade does not provide a large number of trading accounts. It provides two trading accounts, one of which is a Real Account and the other is an Islamic Account.

  • Real Account

To access the Real account online registration form, click the ‘Login’ tab at the upper menu and then the ‘Make new account’ button. Complete the other sections to register for a live account by following the step-by-step guidelines. You may access your account immediately as your application is approved and you click on the confirmation link given to your email address. However, you won’t be able to trade until you have enough money in your account to create a trade.

  • Islamic Account

The procedure is also similar to Islamic accounts. Razor Trade provides this account because Muslim traders prefer to trade in accordance with Shariah Laws. As a result, Razor Trade provides a separate account to such traders. To avoid violating the conditions of Riba, which forbids delayed payment transactions, the broker exclusively provides spot contracts for currency, silver, gold, and petroleum. To avoid interest and fees, we allow you to hold contracts overnight – and indefinitely – without subtracting or deducting interest rate fees (rollovers) from your trading account.

Fill out the application and verification forms to create an Islamic Account.  Credit your account and write an email to support@razor-trade.com with your account information, and they will change your account within moments.

Razor Trade trading accounts

With Razor Trade, Security Is Not An Issue

If you are familiar with the internet, you are undoubtedly aware that it is not a secure environment. On the internet, your identity and personal information are constantly in danger. Without a question, the internet has united the globe in the greatest way imaginable, yet everything has certain drawbacks. The most serious drawback of online trading is that it compromises your security and privacy. So, should you put your confidence in brokers and put your money into an online platform? Of course, if you’re using a competent platform like Razor Trade, you should not worry about it. This platform makes no compromises in terms of security, and it offers among the most secured trading platforms available.

  • AML And KYC

Many traders are unaware that their security is being jeopardized when they deal online. Many fraudsters and hackers prowl the internet market for novice traders. As a result, the majority of frauds target novice traders. If you are a newcomer to online trading and have no prior understanding of the market, you need to exercise extreme caution. Many brokers provide numerous tools and applications, but their protection is continually jeopardized. However, if you are fortunate enough to discover Razor Trade as your brokerage firm, you will not have to fear anything. Let me explain how Razor Trade provides one of the safest trading platforms available.

When we look at fraudsters, we never find out who they are. In every situation when fraudsters or scammers defrauded traders, they never disclosed their true identities. This is how they defraud other dealers, but with a KYC procedure, this can be prevented.

Similarly, AML policies ensure that the platform is not engaged nor does it cater to any kind of illegal activity like money laundering.

However, the danger to traders does not end there. There are also hackers that can access your accounts without the platform’s help. In order to prevent hackers from accessing your account and stealing your personal and financial information, Razor Trade has used cutting-edge Thawte encryption technology. This encryption technique protects the information you supplied when registering yourself as well as your money from hackers.

Customer Service

Have you ever met a corporation that is flourishing despite the fact that its customers are dissatisfied? I haven’t yet, and this is due to the fact that firms must meet the requirements of their consumers in order to be effective and respected. A firm that is not concerned with meeting the demands of its customers will never accomplish its aim of being successful. This is similar for brokers, whose primary duty is to give comprehensive support to consumers and make it simple for them to engage in the trading industry. Customer service is an essential feature that should not be overlooked. Firms must care for their clients, who are the only ones with whom they can conduct business.

The explanation is that trading is an industry that is continuously developing, therefore additions are continually being made. It might be in the shape of new tools, methods, assets, or other things, but investors are not experts in everything. Some investors are new to the market and find it difficult to join up with a broker. Traders who struggle to use the site, on the other hand, demonstrate that traders require assistance at any moment. As a result, the brokerage firm should never ignore its customers since they may get stranded.

As I previously stated, several brokers have demonstrated irresponsibility by failing to assist users, perhaps putting many traders in jeopardy. Trading is not a game, and as you are aware, it requires a significant time investment. An investor also risks numerous things, including cash and personal data, so how could they handle it all without the assistance of a broker? Factors like these highlight the significance of working with a broker who is helpful and always willing to assist. In this regard, Razor Trade is a brilliant broker that cares for its customers. They have an expert team that provides prompt answers to their customers’ queries. Razor Trade offers 24/5 assistance to its customers. The customer service is available from Monday to Friday.

Razor Trade’s Fees Are Low

Broker charging less fee, this is probably the best thing you will notice on the trading platform. Despite the fact that this feature is rarely seen in brokers, it is still an excellent one. Many brokers in the industry demand high spreads or charges. Traders dislike this since it implies fewer savings, yet large costs offer several advantages for a broker. Brokers can make a lot of money by charging large fees, but it has the reverse impact on the trader. Such qualities can jeopardize a trader’s career or experience. Traders want to save money so they may invest it more, but how can they do so when the broker demands so much?

When a broker imposes large fees, it also creates harm since it frequently leaves clients in a dilemma because they are unable to earn. However, it also results in massive losses, and this is when you realize that the brokerage was simply interested in making money. If you choose a broker who charges a commission, be aware that you’ll have to give it each trade. Furthermore, if you must pay commission on every deal, your earnings always will be less than the fee you pay. This implies you will lose money, which is why you need to select a broker with minimal spreads. It would also be preferable if they do not charge commissions, particularly on every trade. So, if you’re looking for a broker with a reasonable charge, check out Razor Trade. This is a broker with low costs, which is a benefit for most traders. Because you will be able to make a lot of money as a result of this feature.

Another advantage is that Razor Trade doesn’t quite conceal any charges, so any fees you must pay will be made clear from the start. Many brokers don’t mind charging extra fees, but Razor Trade is not one of them. It ensures that the relationship is open and honest.

Verification Process

You must supply the following information to submit your live account application:

  • The passport must be valid.
  • Valid driver’s license with a photograph
  • A valid state identification card
  • A bank statement with your home address
  • Declaration of mortgages in your name
  • The utility bill

All documentation must be from the previous three months. We need to view all of the information. Banking statements will be accepted if they are printed and certified in the bank location.

Easy Deposit and Withdrawal Options

All retail customer monies deposited with Razor Trade are kept separate from the company’s funds in separate bank accounts. This guarantees that customer cash cannot be utilized for any other reason.

In the unusual event that Razor Trade goes bankrupt, the money will be refunded to clients, less the administrator’s fees for handling and distributing them.

  • Withdrawals

You can withdraw money from your account instantly by choosing the ‘Withdrawals’ tab after tapping on the ‘Payments’ button. Please keep in mind that they may require extra information and confirmation of identity before processing your withdrawal request for your safety.

They do not transfer payments to third-party accounts, so please make sure to choose your personal bank account. Please keep in mind that if your bank information is already on file, they will complete your application the same day. You only need to enter bank information if you want to transfer money to your bank.  Your account will be activated and available as a withdrawal location on your payment option after these data have been confirmed.

  • Deposits

You may fund your accounts with a credit, Master, Visa, or debit card, or you can transfer money from your bank. We do not take cash or check deposits. Please be sure that any transaction you make to credit your account comes from a credit card or invoice in your name. Any money received from 3rd party sources will be refunded.

  • Log in to your account to fund it.
  • Select Funding.
  • Choose a Deposit Method
  • Fill in the sections
  • Make a Payment


Numerous factors, like account options, assets offering, reliable security, less fee and commission, incredible trading platform, and convenient deposits and withdrawals options make it a tier-1 broker. Besides this, their customer support is amazing. What else do you expect from a broker? I suggest you start working with this broker.

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