Slowest Population Growth Observed in China after Decades

According to the latest reports, the Chinese government has recently shared a report on its population growth for the decade before the year 2020. The Chinese government has revealed that the population growth in the particular decade has been the slowest.

Consensus data has collected and shared information around the matter on Tuesday, May 11, 2021. This data means that China is currently under a very alarming threat due to the stoppage of population growth in the country. The second-largest economy in the entire world may end up facing huge problems if this continues to happen.

The National Bureau of Statistics from China has also shared a detailed report around the population growth in the past decade. The stats collected by the National Bureau of Statistics shows that the Chinese population only increased by 5.38% in the last decade. After the 5.38% growth, the population of China is now sitting at 1.41 billion people all across the country.

With the help of the latest growth rate, the National Bureau of Statistics has revealed that only a 0.53% average population growth rate has been observed on an annual basis. The National Bureau of Statistics has confirmed that the current growth rate is 0.04% less than what was observed for decades (2000 to 2010).

The stats show that the growth rate in China has been extremely slow in the past decade. The National Bureau of Statistics has revealed that this is the slowest growth rate recorded ever since the 1960s.

Although many may consider it a normal and favorable condition, it is completely opposite to it in reality. As a result, of the slow birth rate in the country, the population demographics would take a bad impact all throughout the country.

The above stats show that the average birth rate in the country has been the lowest. On the other hand, the old age rate is increasing in the country with every passing year. This means that the country is losing its workforce with every passing year.

The above situation can cause a huge negative impact on the global economic presence of the country in the entire world. If this continues to happen, then it would impose a great threat to China in terms of its economic growth. The country currently aims to bring its economy to the top by defeating the United States in the process.

However, the current population rate in the country does not seem to be supporting this motive. One of the major reasons why China is facing such a huge problem in population growth is its one-child policy.

It was back in 1979 when Chinese authorities had imposed the one-child policy and practice it for the next 35 years until 2015. Although, China did this to control the population it failed to look at the long-term disasters that the country had reserved for itself.

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