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Solid Marketz ReviewBecoming an online trader isn’t that hard. But finding an online broker is very difficult these days. This is not because there is scarcity of them but the fact is online brokerage firms are growing like mushrooms. The reason being, trading has come within the reach of everyone – from rich to poor. Secondly, most of the hard work is done beforehand by these online brokerages, so the trader is more like an “investor” who does not need to do much except for giving his/her consent. Yet the role of online brokerages cannot be overlooked because successful trading career necessitates engaging a reliable and expert online brokerage.

How I got introduced to Solid Marketz

For me though it was not that difficult. I had a few friends who are pro-traders and have been doing trading for quite some time. They suggested me to become a member of Solid Marketz – an online brokerage company. While I was prepared and wanted to become a member instantly, however, being good friends, they suggested me to first open a “Demo” account with Solid Marketz and once I have gone through everything that is available at Solid Marketz only then I should become part of it. I agreed to the suggestion because it seemed reasonable.

Start of my trading journey with Solid Marketz

As suggested, I opened a demo account with Solid Marketz and started off having a look at what is Solid Marketz.

The first thing I noticed was that Solid Marketz is a decentralized crypto trading company. I was told by my friends that though it is considered that decentralized crypto trading platforms are a bit risky but risks are associated with every business but the highly popular crypto exchanges are all decentralized. This is because the returns on investments offered by these decentralized exchanges cannot be compared with regulated exchanges. At the same time the value of service fee charged on transactions are higher in regulated exchanges. So I got clarification based on logic and reasoning.

While learning more about Solid Marketz, I found out that it is widely popular trading platform around the world catering customers from different parts of the world. Within the demo account I learnt few basics about trading through demo trades, read most of the materials compiled by Solid Marketz and once I was sure that Solid Marketz is the one best for me, I decided to become a member of it. Since then I am earning secondary income which is more than what I was earning from my primary job and I am glad that I have now trading career as my primary source of income.

Not everyone is lucky to have friends like me who suggested me to start my trading so I am going to show you how is Solid Marketz can change your lives and what it has to offer which no one else can.

Trading Accounts at Solid Marketz

There are three main accounts at Solid Marketz namely Beginner which can be signed up by depositing Euros 250, Intermediate for Euros 5000 and Expert for Euros 20,000. I would recommend everyone to start with Beginner account because it will let you learn basics about trading and comes with various benefits such as access to Solid Marketz’s best assets, live webinars and free market research reports on daily basis.

As did I, you too can always upgrade your account by depositing the required sign up amount and take your trading journey to the next level where the returns on investment are higher than you imagine. In addition features such as available of account manager, online academy, expert advisory and access to live trading rooms are exceptional.

Another important thing which needs to be mentioned here is that the processes of account opening, withdrawal and deposit of funds has been made very simple. For example for opening a desired trading account you don’t need to fill out too much forms and give in too much unnecessary data and information. To the contrary only the basic information is required to open an account which does not require anyone look into cupboards, cabinets etc.

Similarly, if you want to withdraw your funds, all you have to do is make a request and once the request is accepted (which is done same day) then, depending upon what mode of receiving funds you had selected, your withdrawal request is processed within 5 to 6 business days. The accepted modes of depositing and withdrawing funds from Solid Marketz are debit/credit card, bank wire transfer or other alternate methods of sending monies.

Guaranteed safety of funds

The safety of your funds is the utmost priority of Solid Marketz and this is why since the day Solid Marketz started its trading services, there hasn’t been any single complaint coming from any of its customer till to date. This is because the world’s best 256-piece SSL encryption security has been applied on the website of Solid Marketz which makes the Solid Marketz’s trading platform impenetrable by anyone. The funds deposited by the customers with Solid Marketz are entrusted to top financial institutions of Europe therefore the security of the funds cannot be breached.

World Class Trading Tools

Let me explain the role of trading tools in trading. Having the best trading tools can ensure a successful trading career. This is because there are features such as availability of smart charts, market analysis and comes with additional features such as automated trading etc. In online trading timing plays a crucial role and availability of best trading tools will help you conduct your trading transactions robustly and efficiently.

Currently there are three major tools for conducting trading at Solid Marketz namely Web Trader, Meta Trader 4 and Mobile Trader. Web Trader is developed by the highly professional team of Solid Marketz and requires an internet connection to log on. Meta Trader 4 is globally popular trading platform whose features cannot be compared with none. It provides ease of trading as well as remarkable insight about the current market trending.

The third one is Mobile Trading which too has been developed by professional team of Solid Marketz and can be downloaded in any Android or iOS mobile device. The additional features provided by Solid Marketz in its Mobile app are multiple language support, availability of account statements and account summaries, news feed reflected directly from the Solid Marketz’s website as well as advanced charts.

Final Thoughts

All these features in one platform make Solid Marketz one of the top online trading platforms. However, one may also like to loot at other features which have been made available by Solid Marketz and include economic calendar, technical and fundamental analysis, forex charts, online academy and the availability of 24/7 customer support and assistance.

I was actually fed up with my 9 to 6 job which was not even paying me enough that I could improve my lifestyle and therefore I thought myself to look for secondary income. I am glad that I made the perfect decision by choosing Solid Marketz for my trading ambitions and since the day I have joined it, I am earning a great deal. The features being offered by Solid Marketz are not usually provided by any of its traditional rivals within the field of online trading.

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