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AInvestingI have spent a lot of time researching online brokers. I have found out a lot about them in the past few years, not only from researching, but also experience. I can tell you a lot about these brokers that can help you step in the right direction if you are thinking about trading. For new traders, things are usually pretty dark, as they don’t know which way to go. They need some guidance in the beginning and that’s what I am here for. However, I would like to narrow down your search to a point that you won’t have to spend any time collecting details about different brokers.

Today, I will tell you about a broker named AInvesting. For me, I have not seen a broker this complete and so friendly to its traders. It is as though this broker forgot absolutely nothing while creating its online trading system for its traders. If there is a broker that can truly cater to the needs of today’s traders from all around the world, I have to say that AInvesting is that broker. Why do I believe that? Why do I think you won’t need another broker after you sign up with this one? I think you will better know once you read about all the features of this broker. Let’s do it.

Owned By UpTrend LTD
Regulated Yes (Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission)
Trading TypeCFD, ETFs, Bonds
AssetsCrypto, Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities
Trading PlatformAInvesting (Web, Mobile, Tablet)
Minimum Deposit250 EUR
Deposit/Withdrawal FeesNo
Trading EducationWebinars, Video, Ebooks, Courses, Personalized Coaching
Trading ToolsEconomic Calendar, Day’s Trend, Day’s Signal, Daily Reports
Customer Support24/5 (Email, Phone, Live Chat)

Why You Won’t Need a Broker after AInvesting

No Alternative to Regulation

If there is one thing that I want you to learn from me and never forget, that’s the importance of regulation of the broker. You can find hundreds of different features in different brokers on the internet. There is a replacement and alternative to just about any feature that you get from a broker. If there is one feature that you can’t find an alternative to, I have to say it is regulation. You will find a bunch of online brokers that promise a lot of things with you. However, you can’t really bring yourself to signing up with them because they are not regulated.

When they are not regulated, it means they are not safe for you. Maybe they are providing great trading services, but without regulation, it is hard to trust a broker. With this broker, you will not have to go through this dilemma. To cut a long story short, the broker is regulated, and Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission is the regulatory authority that regulates this broker. So, the first signal that you need from a broker about its authenticity is regulation, and you have already got it from this broker.

Customer Support

I am talking about customer support before any other feature because I think this broker has gone the extra mile in this area as well. I have seen many brokers offering 24/7 customer support to their customers. And I can tell you here that this broker is not providing you with 24/7 customer services. However, what this broker is doing differently is that you have many ways of getting in touch with the broker. You can find a bunch of phone numbers on the website that you can use according to your country to talk to an agent from the broker. I bet you won’t find a lot of brokers that provide you with more than one contact numbers on the website.

In addition to that, the broker has also provided its website in more than half a dozen different languages. This means the broker is going towards personalization with this step. Now, the customer support might not be available to you on weekends, but the broker has made its professionals available to help you 24 hours a day for five days a week. That’s already enough, but sweetens things even more for is the way you can get in touch with the broker. In addition to the conventional email address and phone number, you also have a professional live chat feature on the website that you can use to talk to the agents from the broker any time you want.

Fully Protected Info

Of course, you will have to submit some personal and banking information to the broker when you sign up with. You can’t stop that from happening because all the information you provide to an online broker is supposed to leave a unique footprint of you in the digital world. However, the one thing that you cannot really compromise on is the safety of your information. The broker you sign up with has to guarantee that it has the system and technology in place to protect your information. In this particular case, brokers have to protect your information through encryption.

I can tell you that a lot of online brokers talk about encryption, but they never tell you the standards they are using. With this broker, I really loved the fact that the broker had provided you with information on the technology that it is using for encrypting your information. So, when you sign up with AInvesting and enter your details on the website, all of the information will be encrypted through 256-bit encryption standards, which are some of the strictest standards that traders can trust today. Some brokers are still using the 128-bit standard for encrypting your information, which is very outdated and not safe.

Trade Many Assets and Instruments

Assets and InstrumentsI don’t think I have found another broker that offers you with so many options to trade. Yes, I have seen brokers that give you hundreds and thousands of different assets that you can trade form their trading platforms. However, offering assets is one thing, offering many different instruments is a completely different thing. I want to tell you that a broker that can offer you many different instruments for trading is definitely one that stands out. With this broker, you will get a lot of choice in terms of the assets you can trade and the instruments you can use for trading those assets.

Once you sign up with AInvesting, you will have access to some of the best cryptocurrencies of the world today. By trading with this broker, you will access those cryptocurrencies without owning them. The best thing is that you will be able to trade a variety of them. You can trade Ethereum and Bitcoin, which are the biggest cryptocurrencies right now, but that’s not your limitation with this broker. You also have many fiat currency pairs that you can trade with this broker once you are with it through a trading account. Stocks are available to you in separate forms or you can go with indices if you want to trade them together in bundles.

Of course, you cannot forget commodities when it comes to trading. Whether you are interested in wheat, orange juice, cocoa, or coffee beans or some other commodities such as copper, gold, silver, platinum, etc., you will find it all when you sign up with a broker like this. Now, what I really admire about this broker is that it has gone another extra step to bring you something that most other brokers don’t.

If you notice, you can trade ETFs with this broker. In addition to that, you have bonds that you can share once you have opened an account with this broker. I think there is no shortage of assets that you can trade once you have signed up with AInvesting, and that makes this broker very special for me.

Trading Platform for All Venues

You really have to see what the trading platform from your broker can offer you. Now, there is something you have to know here. There are brokers that offer you a third-party trading platform. And there are brokers that offer you something that they have created. There are pros and cons associated with both approaches, but I can tell you one thing that a broker that creates its own trading platform is definitely something special. So, with most other brokers, you will notice that you have to sign up on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. I am not saying that this trading platform is bad, but why can’t you sign up with a broker that has its own trading platform.

That’s where you have to talk about a broker like AInvesting. This broker offers you its own trading platform that will be nothing less than the industry-famous MetaTrader 4. You will be able to use this trading platform on any device you like. The broker has made sure that it is available in different versions so everyone can use it. If you go with the web trader, you will never have to download and install anything on your device. This trading platform can run on your computer, tablet, and smartphone without any downloads.

In addition to that, the broker has created a mobile application for you. This mobile application is there for you to use on your smartphones. The benefit of this trading platform is that it will run fast and smoothly on your mobile phones. You also have a trading platform format created by the broker only for your tablets. In other words, you don’t have to go on a particular device just so you can use the trading platform. In fact, exactly the opposite will happen when you sign up with AInvesting.

Unbeatable Education

AInvesting educationThe education you get from this broker is unbeatable. Yes, I might be giving a huge statement here but I can tell you with surety that I have not seen many other brokers who can provide you with something like this. This broker has arranged for your information that will practically help you when you are in the financial markets for trading. From introduction courses to the more advanced ones, you will find it all when you sign up with AInvesting. The broker has provided you with ebooks and videos on all of these courses, so you can learn the way you prefer to learn.

What I like more about the trading education from this broker is that you get access to some ebooks and videos that talk about trading from a psychological point of view. That’s something I had not seen any other broker offer before I landed on the trading education section of this broker. There is also a glossary of terms that should explain each and every term that you will be using as a trader. Going through the glossary will help you learn terminologies that will be a great assistance for you when you want to learn other course material. Sometimes, you just can’t learn something because the vocabulary being used is not something you are familiar with.

Learning Trading

Now, when it comes to trading education, there are two concepts that you have to learn. The first concept is of the training material that almost all the online brokers now have. You can always see their training material to realize how serious they are with providing you with trading education. However, there is a different form of learning and you really have to understand that if you want to know what AInvesting has to offer. This broker offers something that goes beyond the conventional scope of trading education. You are not limited to learning through ebooks and videos anymore.

The broker has given you access to some great webinars through which the best experts from the industry will teach you what trading is all about. In addition to that, you will learn some great tips from them to help you with making your trades successful. That’s not it because the broker has made some other arrangements for you to learn trading before you put your money on the line. Of course, you can access this training material as soon as you sign up with the broker with any account from the list.

The broker has also made a demo account available for you so you can learn trading through simulation before you take any risks. You also have the personalized coaching option, that I have not seen any other broker offering. When you sign up with this broker and go with this option, you will get personalized attention from an expert. You can ask as many questions as you want and learn all the minor and major details of trading before you trade practically in the real financial markets. However, you have to make sure that there are some trading accounts with which you will not be able to get personalized coaching.

The Trading Accounts

I can keep on talking about the trading accounts from this broker all night. This broker has really learned what trading is all about and what requirements traders have from brokers today. It is not something unique that this broker is offering you four different accounts for trading. There are some brokers that offer you up to six accounts that you can choose from. However, the number of accounts that you have available does not really matter. What matters is the features that come with those accounts and the requirements to open them. If the requirements are easy, more and more traders will be able to join the trading platform of the broker.

You will be amazed to know that you can start trading with one of the most trusted brokers on the internet with a small deposit of just 250 EUR. Yes, with that amount, you have access to all the training material, the financial markets, and a trading platform that you cannot really compare to anything available in the market right now. Besides the Standard account, you can also go with Premium account, which I think is something that contains premium features but can be opened with a price that’s too small. If you don’t know, you can access the premium account with this broker with a small deposit of just 2,000 EUR.

Even the most expensive account from this broker is not expensive. If you want to go with the VIP account, which is the last account on the list, you just have to deposit 50,000 EUR. Yes, that amount might sound big at first, but not when you compare it to the amount you require for the last accounts from other brokers. As you go higher in the account levels, you get some reduction in your spreads as well. Even with the premium account, there is a significant 5% reduction in your spread. All the training material that the broker has compiled is available to you as soon as you sign up with it, regardless of the account you pick.

Easiest Deposits

Depositing money in your account will be a breeze for you when you sign up with AInvesting. This broker has gone the extra mile to make things easier for you than ever before. First of all, you have to know that you will not be paying anything to the broker for depositing funds in your account. With other brokers, there are usually hidden charges associated with your withdrawals and deposits. When you deposit money in your account, you have to give a fee to the broker. In some cases, the fee is smaller when you sign up with a bigger account that requires a bigger initial deposit.

However, that’s not going to be the case for you when you sign up with AInvesting. This broker has made sure that your deposits are completely free of any hidden fees, charges, and commissions no matter which account you sign up with. Also, I am pretty sure that you are going to be amazed when you look at the number of options you have available for depositing funds in your account. It is pretty evident from the list of deposit methods that this broker is truly catering to a wide audience that resides in many parts of the world. In addition to the commonly used methods like credit cards and bank wire transfers, you can use some other options as well.

What’s interesting is that you can use a variety of companies and banks to fund your account. You might have heard about Maestro, Mastercard, and Visa cards. However, with this broker, you will have access to Macro, CAIXA, Exito, AstroPay, AliPay, Banamex, Bradesco, and many others. I haven’t seen a list of deposit methods so long ever on any broker’s website.

Perfect Trading Tools

AInvesting Trading ToolsYou are getting the best trading tools for trading help when you sign up with this broker. I can tell you that the tools from this broker are quite helpful because they provide you with actionable information. They are not passive in nature. For example, you will have access to daily signals and trends when you use the tools from this broker. These tools will help you know what trends are going on in the market, and which assets you should be purchasing or selling in the market. In addition to that, you will also be receiving some daily reports to get help you with your daily trades.

Lastly, you also have access to the economic calendar. Through this calendar, you can always know about many different financial events in the world that are going to affect your trades. When you know things in advance, you become a successful trader in the online trading world in no time. And this broker is going to help you with that like no other.

Final Thoughts

You can see that there is a lot that you can talk about when you are referring to this broker. I have always found this broker to be a surprise for new traders. You will get access to many things that are completely non-existent from your experience when you sign up with other brokers. The customer support from this broker is great and comes through email, phone, and live chart support. You can rest assured while trading that your broker is providing you with a regulated trading platform. This trading platform will run smoothly on your computers, tablets, smartphones, and any other devices connected to the internet. You can now decide if you are comfortable signing up with AInvesting.

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