Stock Price Movement of Twilio, Etsy, and more Companies


The share prices of Twilio have experienced a 2.4% surge in premarket trading. The cloud communications company recently shared its earnings for the recently completed quarter. In the report, Twilio revealed having generated earnings, revenues, and even recorded loss in line with the analysts’ expectations.

The loss Twilio recorded for the respective quarter was worth 22 cents per share. The estimations were reportedly shared by the analysts at Twilio.


The share prices for Etsy experienced a 12.5% dip in the premarket trading. Etsy officials revealed they were able to generate higher revenue than the expectations plus earnings that matched the expectations as well.

The reason behind the tumble was the weaker guidance the executives at the online marketplace operator shared for the running quarter. The reduction in the guidance was due to the shortage of disposable income among majority of the consumers.


Shares for eBay have experienced a 7.8% dip in the post-market action. The e-commerce giant experienced the slope subsequently sharing its results for earnings it generated in the first quarter of 2022.

In the earnings report, the executives at eBay revealed the revenue and profit they generated was higher than the estimations. However, the guidance they shared for the running quarter and the rest of the year was weaker than the estimations.

Despite generating a high profit and revenue, eBay shared earnings guidance that was weaker than the estimations set by the analysts.


The share prices for Sunrun have experienced a 12.8% jump in the premarket action. The solar company experienced a surge in sharing its earnings for the first quarter of 2022.

The executives revealed Sunrun generated earnings higher than the expectations set by the analysts. Despite exceeding the earnings and revenues target, Sunrun experienced a loss wider than the expectations.

According to the executives at Sunrun, the prices they had set for their services and products were very meaningful. With the meaningful implementation, they were able to deal with the hikes in the demand and costs of material for solar equipment.

Under Armour

The share prices for Under Armour have experienced a 12.5% dip in the premarket trading. Under Armour experienced the dint after it shared its earnings for the first quarter of 2022.

The athletic apparel maker revealed that it experienced a loss of 1 cent per share. However, the analysts had estimated that Under Armour would generate a profit worth 6 cents per share.

The guidance Under Armour shared for the rest of the year was weaker than the expectations set by the analysts. The company has announced that it is aiming to absorb the impact of supply chain disruptions and higher costs in the running and the upcoming quarters.

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