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SVK Markets Review

Trading is not as simple as it might sound to you when you first hear about it. If you research a little, you will find out that there are many different types of financial instruments that you can trade in the financial markets. These tools have their own characteristics and they suit different types of traders. To start your trading career, you have to pick the right financial instrument, the right financial market, and most importantly, the right broker. SVK Markets is one of the top choices for new traders in the market for its amazing features that favor the traders.

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If you are someone who wants to consider the trading career seriously and move forward in it to reach the high financial goals, you will have to make sure that you pick the best online broker. SVK Markets provides you with opportunities as a trader that no other broker might offer. It even lets you trade multiple types of financial tools in the financial markets that you don’t usually find with other brokers. Let’s see why SVK Markets is one of the best brokers for you to sign up to become an expert trader from a beginner.

SVK Markets – Turning Beginners into Expert Traders

Regulated Broker

No matter which broker you sign up and what your plans are about your trading career, you have to make sure that your broker is regulated. Regulated broker means that the company is regulated and monitored for its financial activities by a regulating authority. Regulating and auditing ensures that the broker abides by the laws, keeps its processes transparent, and provides a safe place for traders to trade. At the same time, if you have signed up with an unregulated broker, you can say goodbye to your money if something goes wrong.

When you talk about SVK Markets, this broker is regulated by FCA i.e. Financial Conduct Authority. Signing up with this broker and trading will come with the peace of your mind. You will know that the broker is taking care of your interests and will ensure that every process takes place transparently and fairly for you. At the same time, you will be pleased to know that the money you deposit in your account goes directly to a segregated account that has been maintained by the broker only for traders. This is yet another thing you must not overlook when you sign up with a broker on the internet for your trading career.

You will also be glad to know that the broker you are signing up with has earned many awards for its services. More specifically, it has received the awards for the trading platform it gives you access to once you have signed up. In short, you are not signing up with some unknown broker. Instead, you are signing up with a broker that has a name in the industry and who can provide you with the best experience of trading in any financial market.

CFD Trading and Spread Betting

This is something you will not find with most other online brokers. In most cases, you have the option to trade the real stocks of the CFDs. When you trade CFDs, you only trade the derivative contract that reflects the value of a particular asset in the market. However, you don’t own the asset or are obligated by any rules to return the real asset to the other party. On the other hand, you have spread betting in which you don’t have to pay any commissions on your trades. You also don’t have to pay any taxes if you live in the UK while spread betting. On the other hand, you do have to pay the tax when you do CFD trading.

These rules and regulations apply to the traders in the UK region. Many other features are common between the two contracts. In any case, they are better than trading stocks because of the many benefit offered to you. You can do either spread betting or CFD trading from the same trading platform from SVK Markets. You usually don’t have these options available with other brokers but you do with this amazing broker.

The Expansive Asset Index

You will find any type of financial instrument that you are looking for once you have signed up with this online broker. It has one of the most expansive asset indices wherein you will find all the different types of assets that you can trade in the form of CFDs. Here are the assets that you can trade once you have joined the SVK Markets platform.


Within commodities, you will find many different types of assets. It can include soft commodities like corn and wheat in addition to the highly tradable energies like crude oil and natural gas. If you think you have a keen eye on the commodities and their price movements in the market, you can trade in this section of the asset index. You will still get many benefits from the broker when you choose this part of the index because at the end you will be trading CFDs. You can enjoy some of the tightest spreads on commodities with SVK Markets. The tightest spreads can be as low as only 0.6 points.

One of the things you have to look at is the margin requirements when you are trading commodities with your broker. With most other brokers, you have to maintain high margins before you can trade an energy or a commodity. However, even the margin requirements are quite low with SVK Markets. The margin you have to maintain can vary from asset to asset but it can be as low as only 1% on many commodities. It is totally up to you to go with the fixed or the variable spread model. You will find different spreads in both these categories.


Metals are the most amazing assets available for trading for traders from around the world. The best thing about metals is that there are not many to choose from. In the end, you don’t have to remember a lot about them. Secondly, they are usually quite stable because of the rarity. Some online brokers can offer you only the two of the biggest metals of the world for trading i.e. silver and gold. On the other hand, you have many additional options available when you sign up with SVK Markets. In addition to silver and gold, you will also be able to trade palladium, platinum, and copper with SVK Markets.

Even when you are trading the rarest metals of the planet, you will still have a lot of benefits to enjoy with SVK Markets. First of all, some of the tightest spreads from the broker are available in this section of the asset index. The spreads are variable but they can start from just 0.3 points. In addition to that, in the best trading conditions, you only have a margin of 0.5% to maintain before you trade your favorite precious metal. You have these metals available for trading for nearly 24 hours a day.


Forex remains the most amazing, the biggest and the most active financial market of the world to this day. The volume of trading that takes place in this market on a daily basis dwarfs any other financial markets in front of it. You can use the same trading platform from SVK Markets to trade in this financial market. You don’t have to change any platforms and even the spreads are quite tight when you trade these currency pairs. Tight spreads mean that when you make profits, the bigger part of the profit goes to you. You have all the major and minor currency pairs available for you to trade when you are on one of the trading platforms from the broker.

Again, the broker gives you the choice to pick how you want to trade forex currency pairs. If you want to trade them like currency pairs, you can do so with convenient margins. If you want, you can trade them through spread betting or CFD trading. Everything is in the hands of the trader when they sign up with SVK Markets.


This is one of the biggest market you can trade when you sign up with SVK Markets. You have thousands of shares available for you trade from various financial markets of the world in this section. It is up to you whether you want trade these shares in the spread betting format or the CFD format. If you go with the spread betting option, spreads are the only thing you have to worry about. You don’t have to worry about any commissions on these trades. If you go with CFD trading on shares, you can enjoy the advantages of hedging. Hedging is when you can invest your money in two correlated assets so you benefit from one when you incur loss in the other.

Since you will be trading the shares in the CFD format or spread betting format, you can benefit from their price movements in any direction. Whether the price falls or rises, you can make profits when you go with spread betting or CFD trading. On average, you will be required to maintain a margin of just 4% when you trade shares with SVK Markets. In some cases, the margin can be bigger as well. When trading these shares in the CFD format, you will have to pay a small commission of just 0.10%.


Indices are the assets in which you get an opportunity to trade the shares of many companies within one index at the same time. This can be a hugely beneficial way of trading. When you sign up with SVK Markets, you will get access to indices markets from many parts of the world. From Wall Street and US Tech 100 to UK 100 and Japan 225, you will find all the best indices of the world in one place after opening a trading account with this broker. When trading indices with this broker, you will usually have to deal with fixed spreads. These are also some of the tightest spreads in the industry that any broker can offer you.

Some of the spreads start with just 1 point. These tight spreads are available for you on the most famous indices of the world like UK100 and Germany 30. In some cases, the spread can be even tighter than that. Margin requirements are not a big deal at all when trading indices with SVK Markets. You have to maintain a margin of just 0.5% in many cases and in other cases, it goes up to 1.0%. Some of these indices are available for you for trading 24 hours a day.

The Many Trading Platforms

You will be surprised to know that this broker has chosen multiple trading platforms for you so you can find a solution that goes with your trading style. With most other brokers, they usually have only one trading platform. This same trading platform is then available in the mobile and desktop formats. With SVK Markets, you have many different trading platforms to choose from. First of all, you have the AT Pro trading platform. This trading platform takes your trading to a completely new level by giving you access to many features that many other trading platforms cannot.

You can take advantage of auto trading when you are on this trading platform. It allows you to do algo trading wherein you can program your trades based on certain filters. Every time those filters are met, the platform executes the trade on your behalf. So, you could be sleeping in your bed while also making money at the same time using this option. It also comes with a charting package that allows you to look at your trades with so many angles that executing unsuccessful trades is nearly impossible. The more you explore this platform, the more it astonishes you with its features.

In addition to the AT Pro, you also have Advantage Web trading platform. This platform has been designed for players who want a uniform trading experience across many devices and operating systems. These are the traders who are usually traveling and thus using the trading platform from the same computer or device is not possible for them. They use the Advantage Web platform that runs through a browser on their device. It does not have any compatibility issues and can be run on any device and operating system of your choice. It is an easy to use trading platform with all the charting, customization, etc. features that you enjoy on the downloadable format of the software.

The best thing about the trading platform from SVK Markets is MetaTrader 4. MetaTrader 4 is the best trading platform in the world today. It has remained on number one spot as a trading platform for many years. There are many other trading platforms on the market but none competes or even comes close to the functionality and features of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. In fact, this is the trading platform that most of the online brokers are operating with today. It gives you access to many charting tools, trading indicators and signals, and many things that you need to execute successful trades.

Last but not least, trading on the go is not a big deal for traders who have joined the SVK Markets trading platform. If you are not a fan of the desktop version of the trading platform and want something faster than the web based trader, you will have to go with the mobile applications. There are many different types of mobile applications that let you trade just like you trade on a fully fledged trading platform. You don’t even have to worry about the compatibility issues here. Whether you have an iOS device or an Android phone, the mobile applications are available for all these platforms.

True Training

It won’t be wrong to call the training from SVK Markets the truest training material in the industry today. Almost all the online brokers provide you with some sort of trading education when you join their platforms. Some provide you with generic education which is available for you even if you don’t have a paid account. In most cases, you get access to the training material after you have activated a paid account with a minimum initial deposit. This training content is usually put together by the experts of the industry or some experts from the company.

When it comes to SVK Markets, this company has taken trading education to a completely new level. It has partnered with the best Forex Training Company in the UK. When it is a company whose business is all about training, you can already figure out the level of training you will receive from it. No other broker has gone to this extent to train its traders on forex and other types of trading. There are many different types of training programs available to you with SVK Markets based on what you want to learn and for how long.

There is a residential program that you have to complete within a couple of days. There is even a six-month long course that teaches you everything about forex trading that you have to know. If you are a beginner today and want to turn into a true trading professional tomorrow, you even have a course that spans across a duration of 12 months. Some courses are basic and they teach you how to start in the forex trading industry. In short, you will find something in these courses to teach you about trading so you can start executing profitable trades as soon as possible.

The Demo Account

Before you start trading with your real money, SVK Markets gives you access to the demo account. This is the account you can use to get a hang of the trading platform as well as the financial markets. Keep in mind that you have many different trading platforms available for you to trade on when you sign up with this broker. Using the demo account, you can get a look at these platforms to understand them. More importantly, you can perfectly simulate the real trades to know the steps that will be involved in your trades. You don’t have to provide your banking details to get access to the demo account.

Once you have the demo account, you will get some dummy credit in your account. This credit can then be used to trade in the financial markets. This will be a perfect simulation of the financial markets and what the trades will look like when you are trading with SVK markets. If you like the experience, you can go ahead and sign up with a paid account.

Customer Support

SVK Markets is a big broker and acts like one too. When you need help, the company is there to provide you the right assistance in a format that you prefer. You can use the chat feature on the website to get instant help in the form of chat. You can also use the email address or the contact us form on the website to send an email to the company. A phone number is also available so you can get in touch with a representative from the company when you are in need. You can also follow the company on social media.

Final Thoughts

There should be no doubt in your mind that you can turn into an expert trader from a beginner when you join SVK Markets with utmost ease. Right from the start, you are getting the type of training that no other broker is currently offerings to its traders. Starting from the professional trading courses, you have the trading conditions and the many financial assets that you can trade from the same platform with SVK Markets. Not to mention, you can trade them in the form of CFD trading or spread betting – the choice is yours. With SVK Markets, you can start a trading career that’s bound to be successful.

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