Tesla Is Facing Quality Problems, Admitted by Elon Musk

For many years, the largest electric-vehicle manufacturer in the world “Tesla” has faced a lot of criticism due to its Model 3 vehicle. The customers have mainly objected and shared negative feedback about the quality of the Tesla Model 3 vehicle. It has been more than three years since the company has been under fire from the customers for the quality of the Model 3 vehicle.

Despite the company giving several explanations around the situation and making necessary changes, it has still continued to face the same problem. However, this time, the owner and chief executive of Tesla has admitted the allegations made by customers surrounding the quality of the vehicle.

It was back in 2018 when the person responsible for checking the vehicles in and out, reverse engineers them, and tears them apart to find flaws, had shared a concerning report with Tesla manufacturers.

Sandy Munro, who is the engineering consultant at Tesla had revealed that the Tesla Model 3 had huge quality issues. As per him, the quality flaws that he observed in the Model 3 were almost identical to what could be found in 90’s Kia.

Some of the major flaws he outlined included issues with paint jobs, exterior panels having uneven gaps, and many more inconsistencies. Munro shared his shock and concern stating that he could not believe how Tesla even released the vehicle with so many quality flaws.

However, the recent admittance from Elon Musk, who is known for being unwelcoming to criticism, has surprised major companies. He has admitted that the criticism made by Sandy Munro is correct and accurate.

Elon Musk admitted to this while at the Munro Live podcast hosted by Munro himself through his YouTube channel. The podcast “Munro Live” was hosted by Munro on February 2, 2021, and Elon Musk was the host.

Additionally, Musk also admitted that for now, it will not be a good idea to buy the Tesla Model 3 once the ramp-up model of the vehicle is launched. The Kia critique from Munro came during the period when Tesla was having a hard time meeting Model 3’s production targets.

Elon Musk’s recent admittance at Model 3’s quality issues may end up turning into a nightmare for Tesla. It is because Tesla is in the process of starting the production for the Cybertruck pickup in the latter part of the year.

The company had revealed that it was in the process of launching new manufacturing/assembly plants. It revealed that as of now, the company is planning to launch its plants outside Berlin, Germany, and Austin, Texas (USA).

However, the recent statement made by Elon Musk can have a negative impact on the Tesla market. Because Musk admitting to the flaws of one of the Tesla productions will raise many questions over all its other productions and lose customer trust.

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