The Co-founder of Skype Shares his 3 Concerns

Just recently, the co-founder of Skype ‘Jaan Tallinn’ opened up to the public and shared his concerns. He told the entire world what he thinks are the three major problems that threaten the very existence of humanity.

Ever since the beginning of the 21st century, the entire world is concerned about Global Warming. Organizations from around the world are trying their best to control the pollution from chemicals and smoke that are causing harm to the ozone. This as a result is impacting the global climate and is taking the world towards unusual weather and new diseases.

Then there is the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the entire world in the running year. The pandemic made organizations and governments from all around the world realize how unready they are to face such outbreaks.

However, the co-founder of Skype said these are not the major issues that are that big of a threat to humanity. He stated that the three biggest problems that humanity has a threat from are synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, and the so-called unknown unknowns.

Artificial Intelligence that is commonly and popularly known as AI is one of the biggest threats to humanity. Tallinn stated that with the passage of time, humankind has become more reliable on machines and mechanics. Every day, there is new technology making it to the markets and offering people convenience. It is the machines that are now taking the position of humans in every sector as humans are becoming more dependent on machines.

Then there is synthetic biology that involves the design and then the construction of new systems, biological parts, and devices. With the passage of time, synthetic biology is growing into augmentation where people have become dependent on artificial body parts.

Then the third biggest threat is the unknown unknowns that involve things that we currently do not know about.

Jaan Tallinn is known as the Estonian Programmer who in the past worked for a platform used for file-sharing back in the ‘90s that was known as Kazaa. Then Tallinn moved on and co-founded Skype in the early ‘00s, which is a prominent video calling platform.

In recent years, the Estonian Programmer has become increasingly concerned and worried about AI technology. It has been reported that Tallinn has been spending millions of dollars on making sure that the AI technology is developed in a very controlled and cautious way.

On many occasions, Tallinn has stated that AI is one of his fears. He has been heard saying that people may think that the Terminator movie is just a movie, but the people working in AI know very well what kind of risk it portrays.

If humanity gets carried away and goes too far with technology, then the time of humans versus machines is inevitable.

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