The Guy who was Saved by Cryptocurrency from Bankruptcy Gives Back to Society

Giacomo Arcaro is a person who has been featured in Forbes, Wired, Financial Times, and Los Angeles Times. He is not the only founder of noteworthy startups like,, and Black Marketing Guru but also the mind behind the advising committee of ICObench and ICObazaar. He has established himself as a veteran in the world of cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings (ICOs). However, despite all his present accomplishments, Arcaro is still connected to his humble origins.

After the 2018 market crash, Arcaro went through the roughest patch of his life when he had to sleep in his car and battle bankruptcy. When he was ruined completely, Arcaro decided to keep true to his convictions and started to learn more about ICOs, STOs, cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain. He later successfully applied these growth-hacking skills to his branding. Today, he trod the world from Cambodia to Germany and shares his two cents on blockchain startups. Arcaro has recently initiated a rehabilitation program for the homeless and needy in the USA.

How is Crypto Loan Helping the Homeless to Get Back on their Feet?

The rehabilitation initiative by growth hacker Arcaro is based on crypto loans. He has teamed up with well-known crypto expert Eloisa Marchesoni and set up initiation posters on Wall Street. Arcaro plans to start a model rehabilitation and micro-finance program to fulfil for-profit and humanitarian motives. He has gathered crypto loans worth $50,000 in Ether (ETH) to be granted to the people who are not eligible to get loans from traditional banks.

According to Arcaro, this humanitarian initiative is based on Noble Peace Prize laureate Prof. Muhammad Younus’s work. Prof. Younus is a Bangladeshi entrepreneur who structured the microcredit infrastructure for social reformation in the 70s and 80s. By granting unbanked people of the poor community access to loans, there is a high chance that many smart individuals get a second chance in life and improve their standard of living significantly. 

Homeless Starting Business Ventures with Crypto Loans

This non-traditional humanitarian approach is something that has opened up a window of possibilities for the 580,000 homeless people in Los angles and New York City. According to Arcaro, homeless people cannot apply for a loan from banks due to the absence of mortgages and surety. However, crypto loans would give the people an opportunity to not depend on hand-outs but learn to use their skills for getting out of the rough patch of their lives. 

Homeless people are lining up for crypto loans with their mobile wallets in huge numbers. Anyone could qualify for a loan if their business idea is liked by the loan granting team. As per Arcaro, if the people chose to cash out their loan, they would end the cycle of benefits. On the other hand, if they keep with the program, their loan money would be doubled. He further added that homeless people could start to earn a daily profit of $2-$3 if they learn to stake it. In the wake of COVID, the rise of homelessness can become a bigger burden on the US economy, and more such initiatives are needed to reduce this number.  

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