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TradeFW ReviewIn the last couple of decades, technology has brought about numerous changes in our lives, with the help of the internet. A lot of things that people do today didn’t seem possible back then and no one could have imagined the kind of impact it would have, not just in our personal lives, but also in different markets across different industries. Nearly all of the business world has undergone changes and people have reaped a lot of benefits from it. The trading market is no exception, as it also evolved significantly because of technology progress and the power of the internet.

There was a time that when people wanted to trade in the financial markets, they had to physically go looking for a broker, find one, discuss the terms and then make their trades. It was a complicated and drawn out process and also required people to have knowledge of the markets, brokers and also have huge sums of money at their disposal. Therefore, not many people ventured into the trading world and only read stories and news about people making it big in one market or another. However, as mentioned earlier, times have changed and so have the rules of trading.

Over the years, the concept of online trading was introduced and has now taken root. As a matter of fact, it has become one of the most popular trends in the last couple of decades because it has opened doors for everyone and has made trading accessible to everyone, no matter what part of the world they might be in. Most importantly, the barriers to entry that existed before have been wiped out and people can easily enter the financial markets, even without experience, education or a hefty capital. Then, how do you begin?

A broker can play a very important role in your success and not opting for the right one can result in your failure

If there is one thing that has remained consistent from years before is the use of a broker. Even today, to trade online, you will require the services of a broker and this is where online brokerages come in. As online trading became a trend, the number of brokers in the market exploded and there are plenty of them out there that are ready to offer their services to anyone looking to trade. But, it should be noted that this decision is not something to be taken lightly because it can make or break your trading journey. A broker can play a very important role in your success and not opting for the right one can result in your failure.

You can take some time out to research the trading space and you will come to know that there are hundreds of traders that fail for every one trader who succeeds. Lack of education and experience can certainly play a role, but so can the wrong choice of a broker. Subsequently, you need to be very careful when you make your choice in order to ensure that you are making the right decision and will not regret your choice. But, how can you be sure that you are choosing right? The best way to determine whether a broker can be a good option or not is to weigh their services and then make up your mind.

Yes, this will take some time, but the result will be worth it because you will have the right broker by your side and will not have to worry about your information being stolen, not having access to the asset you want to trade or having your funds compromised. In the midst of the hundreds of brokers in the market, you will come across TradeFW. The broker is easy to distinguish from the crowd because of the combination of services it provides, but you still need to know exactly what it can give.


Trading AccountsStandard, Gold, VIP and Professional
Minimum Deposit$250
Assets CoverageForex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies
Trading ToolsCharting and technical analysis tools, trading indicators, price quotes, negative balance protection, risk management tools and Expert Advisors (EAs) for automated trading
Education and TrainingYes
Customer Support24/5 customer support via email and phone number
Security PolicyAML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know your Customer) policies, Investor Compensation Fund (ICF)
Parent CompanyiTrade Global (CY) Ltd.
RegulationCyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)

A forex and CFD broker, TradeFW was established in 2018 by iTrade Global (CY) Ltd, which is based in Limassol Cyprus. It is a properly licensed brokerage, which is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). It was established in May, 2018, which means it doesn’t have a lot of experience under its belt like some of the brokers out there. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that it is not capable of providing you comprehensive trading services. As a matter of fact, since it is a regulated broker, it can do a much better job of ensuring that you have a good trading experience.

TradeFW is honest and transparent about their policies and offerings and they provide them in multiple languages to cater to a global audience. Check out some of the highlights of the brokerage and then make up your mind:

  • TradeFW’s Asset Offerings

One of the prominent reasons that trading is attracting a massive audience from all around the globe is the fact that it has numerous opportunities to offer. There are thousands of trading instruments available in the market and more are being introduced, which means the opportunities don’t run out and there is something that every trader can find. With so much variety in the markets, every broker has come up with their own asset index that comprises of different instruments. It is a good idea to take a look at what you will find at TradeFW before you go ahead with them. This way, you can ensure that they are offering you the instruments that interest you.

You will come to know that there are more than 170 trading instruments that TradeFW has put together for its clients. This means you will have lots of options at your disposal and these instruments belong to different financial markets. The broker allows you to trade with CFDs in the global stock market, which means you can operate comparing shares of some renowned companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple and eBay. You also have available stocks of Italian companies like ENI, Unicredit and Fiat. In fact, it has some unique offerings like Cannabis stocks for its clients.

Another popular market that you can access via TradeFW is none other than the global forex market. Many people out there have made a fortune by trading using currency pairs and you can do the same. The broker has added a range of currency pairs, such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and USD/RUB. Major and minor pairs are available, as are some exotic pairs, if you enjoy some volatility. Speaking of volatility, the indices market is another option that the broker has added to its offerings. If you would rather not trade CFDs of individual stocks and prefer to with industries, indices are the right option for you. FTSE 100, Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite are just some of the choices you will find.

Another appealing feature of TradeFW is that it keeps up with market trends, due to which the broker has also added cryptocurrencies to its asset options. As compared to the rest, these are a relatively newer option in the market and are one that have interested many traders. In fact, some people have joined the trading space primarily for trading crypto and this broker has added options like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash, to ensure they can find what they need.

Similar to the stock market, the commodities market is also accessible through TradeFW’s platform. You can find a horde of options in this market, as the commodities themselves are divided into various categories. For instance, there are precious metals, such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum that can be traded. Likewise, you can also try agricultural products, such as coffee, corn, wheat and soybeans. Along with these commodities, traders will also find energies like crude oil, natural gas and Brent Crude oil available.

Considering this extensive range of assets, those who opt for TradeFW will be able to diversify their investments in order to make the most out of their trades.

Considering this extensive range of assets, those who opt for TradeFW will be able to diversify their investments in order to make the most out of their trades.

  • TradeFW’s Trading Platforms

You have heard people talk about their trading experience, but what exactly does that entail? What feature of a broker can have the most impact on your trading experience? To put it simply, software referred to as trading platform is the primary feature of a broker that will determine what kind of experience you have. This is due to the fact that most of your time will be spent using the trading platform. It is used for monitoring the financial markets, executing your trades, using the trading tools and pretty much everything else.

Some brokers develop their own trading platform while others offer the ones that are already available in the market. When it comes to TradeFW, you will find out that they have opted for the latter category. They have added the MetaTrader 4 suite of trading platforms to its offerings, which is one of the topmost options in the market. The MT4 is one of the most renowned trading software that can be found and is preferred by all expert and professional traders. TradeFW has added different versions of the MT4 to facilitate their clients.

To start with, you will come across the MT4 WebTrader. This particular platform does not need to be downloaded or installed anywhere; to access it, you just need to visit the broker’s website and log into your account. You can trade from any browser and it offers reliable data protection in the form of encryption for ensuring your safety. It comes with one-click trading, making it simple to use and gives you access to your complete account history. There are multiple execution modes and trading orders to be found, along with 9 chart time-frames, 30 trading indicators and 24 graphs for technical analysis.

Next, TradeFW has also added the MT4 Desktop offerings because it is aware that some traders prefer to have the full-trading experience. With no dealing desk intervention, this particular platform boasts an intuitive user interface and is fully customizable. You can also benefit from superior trade execution that you will not find anywhere else, which ensures that you have an efficient and smooth trading experience. There is an extensive charting package, analysis tools, one-click trading, 85 pre-installed indicators, order execution capabilities, multiple order types, navigator window and multiple chart setup.

You can also develop your own trading indicators and the platform allows you to download Expert Advisors (EAs) in case you want to indulge in automated trading. You can download the MT4 Desktop within minutes and start using it without any worries or even a learning curve. Along with these offerings, you can also find the MT4 mobile options added by TradeFW. The broker is fully aware that many traders nowadays prefer to use their smartphones or other mobile devices for most of their tasks. Consequently, they have added options for iOS and Android that can be downloaded without any hassle.

With mobile apps, you can rest assured that you will not miss out on any activity in the markets and still be able to enjoy all the features and tools that come with traditional options. There are charting packages, real-time quotes, different execution modes, complete set of trading orders, multiple screens, one-click trading, customizable layouts, automated trading, trading directly from the chart, along with full trading history with church. The apps work quickly and seamlessly and can be used for accessing your account anywhere and at any time. This kind of convenience is not that easily available.

  • TradeFW’s Account Registration

Regardless of which broker you choose, registration is a vital step that has to be completed. Brokers have varying registration procedures, depending on the regulatory requirements or the jurisdiction they are based in. It is best to be familiar with the registration process in order to complete it quickly and for making sure that you can comply with it. TradeFW also requires its clients to register with them before opening an account. However, unlike a number of brokers in the market, they have chosen to be quite straightforward in their requirements.

To initiate the registration process, you need to visit TradeFW’s website and click on the option to ‘Open an Account’. This will lead you to a registration form, which is concise and to the point. It will take you only a couple of minutes to fill out the form because it asks for only some very basic information. You have to enter your first and last name, your email address, provide a phone number, choose your country of residence and then set up a password for your account.

TradeFW does require its traders to confirm they are at least 18 before allowing them to go through with registration. In addition, you also need to agree to the broker’s Terms & Conditions, which are designed for your protection. They are provided on the broker’s website and you can go over them to ensure there is nothing you disagree with. As long as you agree, your registration will be complete instantly.

  • TradeFW’s Account Options

Registration with a broker will eventually lead you to the step of choosing an account option. It is a trend amongst brokers to offer several account options because not every trader is the same. Apart from the level of experience, there is also a difference in traders’ risk tolerance and their investments as well. Not every trader will be willing to invest the same amount of capital or want to take the same risks. Therefore, to assist their clients, brokers tend to come up with more than one account option and TradeFW has done the same.

After you have registered with them, they will present you with the account options, so you can choose one that seems the best fit for your needs. There are four choices that have been given and each has been developed for a different class of trader. There are no charges associated with account opening, but the minimum deposit required is $250. Furthermore, you will come to know that account choices that are available on TradeFW differ on the basis of their trading conditions i.e. the spread, leverage and commissions that are provided.

The first option that you will come across is the Standard account, one that’s mostly aimed at newbies and beginner traders who are new to the world of trading. The spreads under this account are a bit on the high side at 2.7 pips and 0.01 is the minimum contract size here. The maximum leverage given to users is 1:30 and it supports EAs and allows hedging. You are also provided an account manager and can access their education center for learning. The second account option that TradeFW offers is called the Gold account and this one is for beginner and intermediate traders.

The spreads will start at 2 pips and the minimum contract size here is 0.05. Leverage remains the same and you get every feature that was available in the previous account. Now comes the VIP account, one that has been developed for seasoned and skilled traders. To accommodate them, the spreads offered by TradeFW are lowered to 1.7 pips. Minimum contract size is now 0.1 and other features are available. The last account has been named the Professional account and is rather self-explanatory. It is designed for professional and expert traders. It offers the highest leverage at 1:500 and allows traders to make some impressive trades.

  • TradeFW’s Educational Resources

As mentioned in the account options, TradeFW provides its clients access to educational and learning materials. This can be of the utmost importance, not just for beginner traders, but also for experienced ones. You can accomplish only so much based on just your luck in the trading space; eventually, your luck will run out and you will need to know how the markets work in order to leverage them in your favor. The problem is that finding good educational resources is easier said than done. Not all resources on the internet are reliable.

In such situations, the educational material and resources provided by TradeFW can come in handy. You will find detailed and in-depth material to assist you in every aspect of trading. There is a glossary that can help beginners understand the jargon used in the trading space. There are articles, blogs, tutorials and videos that can help you discover the various trading strategies and tips on developing your own. In fact, experienced brokers will also find the option of webinars useful because these are conducted by market experts and can provide a lot of insight into the market.

  • TradeFW’s Support and Assistance

No matter what business or industry it may be, there is no denying that customer assistance can play a very important role. This is also applicable to the trading world and to brokers because traders will need some support and assistance, at one point or another. Brokers need to ensure their clients can find help in order to help them have a positive experience. TradeFW has provided phone numbers for its offices in Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. There are separate email addresses also available for each region. There is also an online contact form that traders can fill out with their query.

Along with these options, TradeFW has added an FAQ section on their website for answering questions their clients may have. This ensures you don’t have to wait for an answer, if your question is a general one.


With TradeFW, you can find supportive trading conditions, a range of payment methods and comprehensive solutions that can ensure that you have a strong start in the trading world and can make it last.

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