US Dollar faces new pressure  after Powell discloses his position 

Financial World is Drowning in US Dollars


  • Jerome Powell, reveals his stance on the new tension faced by the Greenback. 
  • US Central Bank devises means of Strengthening the economy 
  • China takes measures to protect her economy 
  • Sydney’s economy takes a hit after extension of the Lockdown 

Since Thursday, the US dollar exchange rate has been under tension after the Administrator of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell,  kept up with his hesitant position, showing that he has no intention  to consider climbing loan fees at any point in the near future. At the time of publishing this article,  the US dollar file DXY is exchanging around 92.15. 

Toward the close of the most recent strategy meeting, the US national bank offered more trust in the monetary recovery in progress through the country. Notwithstanding, Powell made light of any chance of a hawkish change sooner rather than later, keeping up with the view that the Forex  market had more getting up to speed to do before he could even consider a rate climb. 

Although the market has been in an upward trend  in  the course of recent weeks, the convention in the US dollar seems to have witnessed a downward movement after the FOMC proclamation, driving recharged strength in other driving monetary forms. The greatest gainer has been the British Pound with GBP/USD utilizing the benefit of various investments by investors after the UK’s economy started gaining strength. 

The key as regards the market  is back over the key $1.39 level regardless of the rising number of Coronavirus contaminations across the UK. Financial backers keep on cheering the public authority’s choice to resume the economy despite the fact that the public authority keeps on receiving opinions from diverse experts to help in growing the stock market.

However, in recent times, the US dollar which  collaborated with Japanese Yen has been under pressure. This is due to the report carried out by Bloomberg, where the media firm reported that Japanese government intended implementing measures aimed at protecting her economy. This is aimed at protecting the citizens by driving venture banks to balance the new auction found in the country’s financial exchanges. Japan’s  key stock files turned incredibly negative over worries that the public authority was pursuing the private schooling area, thus pushing different firms to be cautious as the same measure might be extended to them. 

The Japanese Yen and Australia’s Dollar seeks to regain balance after Covid-19 Impact 

Nonetheless,  the improvement in the predicted downfall of the economy is yet to make a big deal about an effect on other major currencies, such as AUD and NZD. The exchange rate of Australian Dollars has been quite  feeble which can be attributed to the  expansion of Sydney’s lockdown following the new variant of the Coronavirus. The  Japanese Yen, which has been known as a stable currency, is gradually recuperating despite worries over the new variant of the Covid 19 virus. 

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