WTI Crude Oil Plunges Deeper Despite EIA’s Hopeful Report – What’s going on? 


  • WTI Crude Oil continues plunging 
  • Brokers identifies the new variant of the Coronavirus as the cause of the plunge. 
  • Oil Distributors hopeful that the gloom will be over shortly. 

The WTI crude oil price recently witnessed a sharp downfall. However, the commodity price is still maintained near The prices of WTI crude oil have encountered a slight plunge into Thursday yet it had kept on holding near the $73 level, upheld by a sharp fall in US rough stock exchange market over the previous week. At the time of writing this article, The current price of the WTI  crude oil of WTI is pegged at  $73.05 per barrel. 

As per the EIA, the unrefined reserves  in the US expanded by 2.1 million barrels over the previous week to 439.7 million barrels, denoting their first development since May. The information went surprisingly against Forex analysts’ figure for a drop by 4.5 million barrels all things considered. On a positive note, in any case, gas and distillate stocks  experienced drawdowns of 121k and 1.3 million barrels, informing different sectors of  interest on the WTI crude oil, which is still desired by many Countries. 

As per experts from JPMorgan, worldwide oil request could improve by 5.4 million bpd from April to 99.6 million bpd on normal by the following month. Investors in the oil industry despite the seemingly good news have been cautious of the effect of the most recent increase  of Coronavirus contaminations all throughout the planet on oil interest. With a few nations declaring lockdowns and limitations, there are worries that oil request could plunge subsequently before later appreciating in few months time. 

The EIA report which was  delivered during the past meeting gave oil merchants much to cheer about, showing a drop of 4.1 million barrels in different  stores across the US. The decline  was not  noteworthy than financial analysts’ figure for a 2.9 million barrel drawdown, however it also  occasioned a  complete decline in the price of Crude oil stocks  to the least levels seen since January 2020. 

The prices of WTI crude oil appreciated further, which was as a result of downfall in fuel stocks following from a decrease in fuel inventories, which are currently holding near levels seen before the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, which are longer than a previous year’s record. The figures informed  markets that regardless of increase in new Coronavirus cases, oil request will keep  on skyrocketing, to enable supply of the product to different purchasers of the commodity. 

However, brokers are still skeptical over the new variant of the Coronavirus and actually stressed over the effect of the most recent round of lockdowns and limitations across different parts of the world and how that could deal with oil interest. As indicated by most recent analysis by various experts, worldwide oil request would take more time to bounce back to the levels they were in before Covid 19 pandemic struck. There are speculations however that this plunge might extend beyond 2022 if the cases of victims of the virus increase. This is due to the fact that compensations occasioned by the pandemic will have an adverse effect on the economy. 

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