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Everyone desires a good life, a life in which all their needs are met right on time, and this is why many people work hard to gather assets in the form of properties, money, et cetera. Still, as hard as many people work, their wants and needs are unlimited as they always want other things and sometimes face daunting hardships, leaving them to question the very essence of their existence. Many have been through this same exact path, many still walk upon this path, and many have gained their liberation from the horrors of an all-round toiling life. The answer to the question many ask about the hardships they suffer lies in a single word: “Investment.”

Investment is the art of building wealth using the things we have. Investments (or better referred to as assets investment) are among the most trodden paths to the financial freedom that many crave. Investment involves buying cheap assets and selling off at more expensive rates, or selling valuable assets and buying again when they fall in value. The difference between the assets buying rate and the selling rate becomes the profit of the investor.

There are two possibilities for any kind of investment: a profit or a loss. Although all investors hope for profitable investments, not all investments end up profitable; some investments result in a loss for the investor. The factors that guide profitable investments are numerous. Still, the good thing about profitable investments is that they have a kind of trend they follow, and if anyone correctly grasps the pattern they follow, such a person would become a guru of the assets investment world in little or no time.

The good thing about investments is that anyone can choose to take up a career or a sidekick as an investor; it requires a little diligence on the path of the investor. Investment contains an array of decisions a person makes, the investment itself is a choice made, and a variety of many other trade decisions follow in the line of investment. Making the right choice will culminate in a good investment and, in the long run, a profitable investment career.

There are many decisions to make as an investor. Some significant ones can decide in an instant the fate of anyone in the assets investment world. These decisions need careful planning out for anyone who wants to make a profitable living investing in assets. The first and most crucial decision that traders or investors need to make is clearly stating their investment goals. A planned out set of investment goals will help the investor in all the other decisions that need to be made while trading assets, the investment goals will show why a person wants to invest. For some, their investment goal is raising funds for a vacation, or raising money for their children’s education, or about building a retirement plan, and the list goes on like that. The way a person raising funds for his or her pension will approach assets trade would typically be different from the way someone raising funds for a vacation would.

The next big decision a person approaching the assets investment world needs to make is choosing a platform through which he or she would carry out investment trades, and this platform is called an investment broker. Choosing a good brokerage platform will ease investing by almost three-quarters after the investment goals have been set.

There are many investment brokers available in the market today, and the WorldStocks platform is one of them. This article is a review of the platform. This review will help you decide if its platform is suitable for your investments.


Trading platformWeb-based trader, IOS and Android trader

Award-winning platform

Assets coverageOver 200 assets

Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, and Commodities

SpreadsLow Spreads
Trading ToolsOver 20 analysis tools, and signals
Account Funding and WithdrawalWire Bank Transfer,

Credit/Debit Card: MasterCard, SecureCode, and Visa card

Customer ServiceAvailable 24 hours a day, and 5 days a week.

Telephone, Email, Contact Us form, and a Live Chat Feature

SecurityClients’ Funds segregation, Compliance procedures, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) security policy, and (Know Your Customers) KYC security policy
Parent CompanyKabahunt OU
LocationHarju Maakond, Tallinn, Nomme Linnaosa, Rannaku Pst 12, 10917

WorldStocks is a brokerage platform operated by the Kabahunt OU Company located in Linnaosa. This brokerage platform is an award-winning exchange company, and it has over two hundred trading assets. The asset database of this broker covers a wide expanse of markets of the financial assets trading world. The platform offers trading options in the Forex, Commodities, Stocks, and Cryptocurrency markets. The investors and traders can choose to base their assets trading activities around a certain asset class on the WorldStocks platform, or they could diversify their investment portfolio on the broker’s platform. Whatever needs a trader has, the WorldStocks platform has all the capacity to cater to the needs of all its numerous clients, to help them become successful in the assets trade world.

Trading is an enjoyable experience on the WorldStocks Platform, partly because of the variety of assets on its platform, and partly because trading on this broker’s platform involves trading with a considerably low spread.

The WorldStocks investment brokerage platform has over twenty analysis tools with which a trader can engage in the assets trading market. The trading tools on this broker’s platform simplify the art of trading in the financial asset trading world. The trading tools on this broker’s platform help a trader anticipate future trends of the trade market and adequately prepare for the possibilities.

The trading platform of the World Stocks brokerage platform is available on a multi-dimensional trading platform. Clients of the broker can choose to trade with the web trader on any internet-enabled browser without download or installation or download the mobile trader and trade on the go from any location and at any time without losing any trading opportunity.

The security provision of the WorldStocks platform is also another strong selling point of this brokerage platform. The security measures employed by this broker are unique and topnotch as the broker subscribes to all international standard of securing the funds and data of its clients. Data sharing between the clients and the server are encrypted to avoid third party access. Besides, the broker keyed into the Know Your Customers (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) security policies to protect its customers and also safeguard its integrity in the financial market. World Stocks provides a very secure trading environment for the trade orders of its clients.

Account funding and withdrawal are relatively easy on the World Stocks platform. The broker has provided its clients with several ways through which they can either fund their accounts on its platform or withdraw their earnings. Also, WorldStocks gives a step-by-step guide on how to fund trading accounts as well as withdraw funds from them on its Platform.



Unlike many assets brokerage platforms that focus their trading activities around a single asset class, there are over two hundred assets available on the trading Platform. The assets on this brokerage platform cover assets such as Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrency, and commodities.

The Forex trade assets on the World Stocks Platform are many, according to a segment of its website, there are over five (5) trillion dollars in daily trading volume in the Forex market. The WorldStocks Platform offers this very prospective market and a lot of assets within it for its traders to use for trade actions. Trading with Forex (intelligently) can successfully change the financial status of traders and investors in the financial market.

The WorldStocks Platform also provides a stock trade market with an expanse that covers the world’s most famous companies. Stock trading involves investing in the assets of growing companies by buying a share (or a proportion of the share) of that company. Stock trading is with the aim that a company would increase in value; as the company gets bigger, so does the holdings of the investor in such a company.

The Crypto assets market is another notable feature of the assets trade market on the WorldStocks Platform. The invention of cryptocurrency came as a form of fail-proof for the volatility in the value of money. The WorldStocks Platform offers cryptocurrency trading on all levels with a wide range of Cryptocurrency assets. For traders who may not be able to afford the frontlines of the Cryptocurrency market, such a trader still has the opportunity to go for the less expensive ones on the World Stocks Platform.

Trading commodities involves trading with some of the leading raw materials of the world. Commodities determine the value of many economies around the world. The WorldStocks Platform offers commodities trading opportunities to its clients with gold or oil commodities.

With an assets database as extensive as this, there’s just no end to what traders and investors can do on the World Stocks Platform. Traders and investors can choose to diversify their investment portfolio on the World Stocks Platform, or they could decide to focus their trade actions around a single asset class on the World Stocks Platform.


The Brokerage Platform is available on a web-based Meta Trader 4. With the web-based trader, traders and investors on the service of this broker need not worry about download or installation, as this trading platform can be accessed from any internet-enabled web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and more.

Likewise, the trading platform is also available on the Meta Trader 4 mobile trader on iOS and Android operating systems. The mobile MT4 can be downloaded and accessed on a mobile device or tablet. Hence, traders and investors can trade on the go without losing any trading opportunity in the financial market.

The availability of the trading platform on multiple devices makes it easy for traders to monitor their trade actions round the clock. Traders can execute their trade orders on the go or the spot with any of the WorldStocks Trading Platforms. Besides, both trading interfaces have been equipped to enable traders to enjoy a pleasant trading experience, as the world-class MT4 trading platforms are easy to use, user-friendly, and interactive.


The World Stocks platform comes with over thirty (30) indicators which point traders to possible market trends. The indicators are a way of foretelling the future patterns of the market. With foreknowledge of the coming trends, the traders and investors can adequately prepare their trade actions to take advantage of the market trends.

Likewise, there are over twenty (20) technical analysis tools across all the WorldStocks Trading platforms. The analysis tools help to guide the traders and investors in their trade decisions. These analysis tools also help to understand the prospective trends of events that will follow a trader’s trade orders in the financial market.

All the WorldStocks investment brokerage platform interfaces are user-friendly and are intuitive.


The issue of trade security is one that’s very sensitive because it involves the funds of investors on an investment brokerage platform. It is important for traders and investors to do a proper background check on any brokerage firm they want to commit their funds and trades. In terms of this check, smart investors have to check the security provisions of a broker to ascertain the safety of the brokerage platform.

There are numerous good brokerage platforms in the financial market with unreliable security provisions. The slack security provisions have made those platforms a dead zone for investors and traders because of the activity of fraudsters, money launderers, and cyber thieves, known as hackers.

The WorldStocks platform is compliant with two of the international security policies that guide financial investments. These policies require that a trader make some certain provisions and documents to checkmate fraudulent activities on its platform. The policies that govern the security of the World Stocks platform are:

  • The Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy
  • The Know Your Customer (KYC) Policy

These two policies require that a brokerage platform take time and resources to confirm each of its clients’ identities before allowing them into its platform. The confirmation process would involve the WorldStocks platform asking for proofs of identity, evidence of residence, and some other necessary information. Besides, the AML security policy is put in place by the broker to check the activities of its clients against any illegal and fraudulent transactions and to report any financial irregularities and money laundering to the appropriate authorities. These details will keep bots and fraudsters out of the WorldStocks platform.

Asides these security policies, this broker also uses data encryption technologies to safeguard the information of its clients, so you can be sure your data is safe on the WorldStocks platform. The WorldStocks platform also keeps the funds of its clients on segregated accounts to further ensure its safety.

The WorldStocks platform is a very safe investment platform.


The customer care system of this broker is something worthy of note. The World Stocks platform encourages feedback and provides channels through which its clients can reach its customer care agents. The support agents of the brokerage firm are well informed and professionals. The team of the support network of this broker works 24 hours a day, and at least five business days a week to attend to queries from an expert perspective. If they are not able to provide the solutions that a user of the WorldStocks platform needs, they direct this to the right channel. The clients of this broker can contact the customer care team through email and telephone.


Opening a trading account on the multi-asset platform of this broker is simple and straightforward. Traders and investors who want to open a trading account on World Stocks platform have to go through a registration process of completing the application form and submit the necessary documentation for approval. After the approval of the account, the next phase is to fund the trading account and start trading in the financial market. This broker has provided a single trading account for all its clients to ensure that there is no discrimination and that clients can manage their trading accounts effectively.


The platform is a fantastic trading platform. It has trading tools tailored to meet the needs of every kind of trader. Your financial investments would be in a perfect place on the WorldStocks brokerage platform. The WorldStocks investment platform is one of the most unique in the assets trading world.

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