Gamma Capitals Review – Notable Questions to Ask about the Broker

Gamma Capitals Review

There are thousands of instruments in the financial markets that have been traded by people for decades for the purpose of making profits. Even if you don’t have any in-depth knowledge of this space, you have probably heard of stock trading or the forex market. You could also have heard about commodities trading like gold and oil.

If you take a look at some of the richest individuals in the world, you will discover that at one point or another, they also made a foray into the financial markets and accumulated some of their wealth from it. After all, there is no shortage of opportunities, considering the number of instruments that can be traded.

However, the most prominent addition that was made in the world of instruments was that of cryptocurrency, which happened in 2009. Bitcoin was the first of its kind and was added to the mix, but it hadn’t immediately received a warm welcome.

As a matter of fact, the cryptocurrency had to deal with a lot of resistance and skepticism initially and it continued to struggle for a long time. Other cryptocurrencies were also added, but the space was not exactly a big one. It wasn’t until 2017 that everything changed drastically.

The cryptocurrency market picked up gradually and then boomed near the end of 2017, which sent the price of a single Bitcoin past the $19,000 mark. This surge enabled many traders to make massive fortunes within hours and days, something no one could have fathomed.

Once the news hit about this kind of success, others also begun to dive straight into the crypto space in order to repeat the same. In 2020, when the rest of the markets are struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic, the crypto space is booming once again and there is a huge increase in prices.

This means that the market is ripe with opportunities because it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Anyone who wants to make quick profits, get high returns on their investment, and achieve financial independence can dip their toes in this space right away.

If you have decided to do so, then you are probably going to look into how it can be done. With the option of online trading, you can trade cryptocurrencies from your home and not have to go anywhere. But, where online do you trade? This is where you find out that you need a broker.

These brokerages have been part of the traditional financial markets, and are still playing an important role in it. You need an online broker because they are your bridge to the crypto market and give you the software, tools and services that are needed for trading.

How do you find out? It is not very different from finding anything else on the internet; do a search on Google for an online crypto broker and you will find a horde of options at your disposal. It is the choosing that takes more time because you have to be thorough in your research.

Not every company you find online can be trusted to be legitimate. Shady companies and scams exist in every industry, so you have to proceed carefully if you don’t want to sign up with the wrong one. If you make the wrong choice, it can have disastrous consequences for you.

Hence, it is better to be safe than sorry. Gamma Capitals is a broker that will pop up when you begin your search and they appear to be a good option for anyone looking to trade crypto CFDs rather than physically purchasing the asset and having to store it.

Plus, they cater to traders of all skill levels, which is a plus, because it means you can use their services in the long term. But, how do you figure out if they are the real thing? You need to ask some important questions about what Gamma Capitals offers to you in order to find out exactly what you are getting into. What are the questions that you should ask? Some of the essential ones are listed below:

Gamma Capitals cryptocurrency tradingWhat cryptocurrencies can you trade with Gamma Capitals?

As crypto trading is your goal, it makes sense for you to find out what cryptocurrencies you will be able to trade with Gamma Capitals Every broker has an asset index and it is not necessary that they offer the same options to their clients.

In fact, even the number of cryptocurrencies can vary from company to company. Knowing what options are available before you commit is a smart move, especially when you have a specific crypto that you are interested in, or you wish to diversify as much as possible. You can ensure that they are offering the assets you want and have enough variety to help you lower your risks.

Unlike some brokerages that tend to mislead their clients regarding their crypto offerings, Gamma Capitals has been quite upfront about it. They have added a multitude of cryptocurrencies to their offerings, and the most appealing fact is that they haven’t restricted their options to just the big names.

Sure, you will be able to trade the cryptocurrencies that everyone talks about, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, as they are the three top ones in the market. However, there are a ton of other options that you can find in this space.

As a matter of fact, the latest numbers indicate that the total number of cryptocurrencies has now exceeded the 7,000 mark, which means that there are plenty of options that can be traded. While not all of them have achieved the same level of success as the three mentioned above, there are a significant number that are quite profitable.

These include Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Monero, DASH, Stellar, IOTA, Ethereum Classic, NEO and NEM, amongst others and Gamma Capitals gives you the chance to trade these and diversify your crypto portfolio for minimizing the risks and maximizing the profits.

cryptocurrencies can you trade with  Gamma CapitalsHow secure is Gamma Capitals?

Before you move forward with registering with the broker because you are impressed by their crypto offerings, it is a good idea for you to know what they have done in terms of security. This is matter that should be taken very seriously because the world of the internet is a hotbed for scams, frauds and cybercrimes.

Every other day, you will read about websites and accounts getting hacked where people’s personal information or their money is stolen. You don’t want to face either of these circumstances, but you can become vulnerable to these risks when you are using a brokerage firm’s services.

After all, you will have to share your information with them and deposit your money in order to trade. There is no way around it, so you need to ensure that the company you do decide to trust can do everything possible to keep you safe.

It is a tall order and Gamma Capitals has done its level best to mitigate the risks as much as possible, creating a safe trading environment for its clientele. You will come to know that they have opted to use high-grade SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology for concealing all sensitive and personal information shared with them by their clients.

The purpose of this encryption is to ensure that even if their servers are hacked, the cybercriminals will not be able to steal any of the information because they wouldn’t be able to decipher it. In addition, Gamma Capitals is also compliant with the KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies.

These are international security policies that are implemented for reducing the possibility of money laundering, terrorist financing, financial fraud and identity theft. Any trader who signs up on Gamma Capitals has to follow the rules outlined in these policies.

They have to provide proof of identity and proof of residence by submitting some documents. Plus, if they intend to use their cards for deposits and withdrawals on Gamma Capitals, they have to provide proof of payment as well. For identity, they can submit an international passport, a national ID card, or a driver’s license.

For residence, they can provide a utility bill (water, gas or electricity) or a bank statement, which should not be older than three months. As far as the card is concerned, you have to submit a front and back photograph of it. You can hide the front digits, except for the last four, and hide the CVV on the back.

To keep your funds safe, Gamma Capitals has opted for customer account segregation, which means all traders’ accounts are kept separately and there is no mixing of funds to avoid discrepancies and misappropriation.

Your funds can be returned to you upon your request and are not used by the company for any of its operations. Along with these measures, you will also find a Privacy Policy on the Gamma Capitals website, which highlights why and how your information is collected and used, so you can rest assured that it will not be licensed, sold or shared with anyone without your permission.

What trading platform is provided by Gamma Capitals?

After you have ascertained the kind of security the broker can offer to you and are satisfied with their steps, you can now move onto another vital aspect; the trading platform. Most of your trading experience with a company will depend on this trading platform because this is basically the software that’s your gateway into the cryptocurrency market.

Traders have complained about brokers offering them inefficient and slow platforms that constantly break down, are unsecure and lack trading tools, which can often ruin their trading performance.

You don’t want to deal with any such issues and want a platform that can fulfill your needs in the best possible way. Every brokerage offers a different option, as has Gamma Capitals. However, what makes this company unique is that they have given you multiple options to choose from.

Rather than offering just one trading solution, they have opted to add three, allowing their clients to choose the platform that suits their needs. They have a web trader platform, a simple solution for traders who don’t want to go through the hassle of downloading and installing a platform and want to be able to access it on whatever device is accessible.

Since it is accessed through the web browser, this web trader by Gamma Capitals fits the bill. If you are after the traditional desktop platform, they have one of those for you as well, which can be downloaded quickly and easily. The third choice you will come across is in accordance with modern trends, where mobile has become the go-to option for everything.

Hence, you can find mobile trading apps that can be downloaded easily and provide you the option of trading on the go. You will come to know that each of these platforms has been equipped with sophisticated and the latest technology, which provides it excellent trade execution speed.

You will not have any delays to worry about and the user-interface is highly intuitive, ensuring that every trader, from novices to expert, can navigate the platform with ease. In addition, Gamma Capitals has certainly not stinted where trading tools are concerned, as they have added a ton of them and some of the best ones as well.

You can find everything from live charts, technical indicators, analysis tools and trading signals to price alerts, graphs, an economic calendar and the latest trends and market news. Risk management tools can also come in handy for reducing your losses and maximizing your profits.

Gamma Capitals trading platformDoes Gamma Capitals offer any educational resources?

The crypto market began in 2009, which means it is more than a decade old, but this doesn’t mean that it is still not changing. It is unlike any other financial market and there is a lot to be learnt about how it works.

Even traders who have experience with other instruments will need to have a solid knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrencies to be able to achieve success in this space. Luck can only get you so far, so you need to start learning in order to polish your skills and strategies.

But, in order to do that, you have to find reliable resources as well, which is easier said than done. Not all information you find on the internet is accurate and up-to-date. To assist its clients, Gamma Capitals has created an entire Education Center on their website, where they have compiled educational resources and learning materials that can be used by everyone to master the art of crypto trading.

There is something for every trader and available in different formats. For instance, newbies can learn the basics and jargon of the crypto market through tutorials, e-books and videos, while experts can attend webinars by crypto professionals to improve their knowledge.

Which account options can be found at Gamma Capitals?

It is a requirement to open an account with the broker of your choice in order to use their services. This account is created to store your personal information, your trading history, your funds and other important details.

Nearly every company offers several account choices to their clients, particularly if they want to facilitate traders of varying skill levels. You will find mostly three choices available, with options for beginners, intermediate and expert traders.

You will come to know that Gamma Capitals has also added account options on its platform, but they have been a lot more accommodating than other companies in the market. They have developed six options, each of which come with some common and some unique features to offer value to the users.

You can check out each option and then decide which one you are comfortable with. The choices available are:

-The first account on the Gamma Capitals platform is known as the Basic account and it is for complete novices with no experience or knowledge of the crypto market. They are asked to deposit a minimum amount of €1,000 to open this account. In return, they are given daily market reviews and PRO webinars for polishing their knowledge of the market. They can also get access to the education center and can reach out to customer support 24/7.

-If you are a beginner trader with some understanding of the crypto space, the Bronze account is the option for you. You have to deposit a minimum of €10,000 for opening this account and along with features of the previous account, it comes with a couple of additions. You can get junior price alerts and get the services of an account manager for a month for managing your trading account.

-The third account you will come across on Gamma Capitals is called Silver and this one is primarily for intermediate traders. So, its minimum deposit requirement is higher at €25,000. The account extends the tenure of the account manager to three months and now, traders are also provided with PIA trading signals five times a day for help in decision making.

-Advanced and skilled traders will come across the Gold account option as a suitable choice and they will have to deposit a minimum of €50,000 for opening it. This account gives them access to features of the other accounts, but the account manager’s duration is extended to six months and the PIA trading signals are also provided ten times a day, as these traders have a higher trading volume.

-The Platinum account is the next choice available and this one is best for expert and professional traders. They have to deposit at least €250,000 for opening this account. They can get unlimited PIA trading signals and the account manager is offered for a year. PIA SMS signals are also added for their ease and convenience. These traders can also take advantage of a personalized trading strategy under this account.

-Special and VIP traders have been accommodated by Gamma Capitals with the Black account option. It adds the features of one-on-one training with the experts and exclusive position access, combined with all features mentioned in the rest of the accounts. But, you should know that you cannot directly sign up for this account and have to fulfill certain requirements before you are eligible for it. The account manager can provide you details about what needs to be done.

Do you get any support at EZDK?

One of the most vital elements of any business is customer support and it should be readily available because you never know when your clients may require help. It is even more crucial in crypto trading, as traders don’t want to lose even a few minutes because it can result in lost opportunities or other consequences.

There could be numerous issues they may encounter or may have questions about procedures that need to be answered. A good company will always ensure that support is available when needed, something Gamma Capitals has done quite well.

You will come to know that they provide support via a number of channels to ensure their clients can get in touch the way they are comfortable. You can visit their Contact Us section where they have provided an online contact form. If you prefer a different option, they also have a phone number and email that can be used. Their agents are available 24/7 to assist you with your issues and are quite friendly and responsive.

The answers to these questions can help you draw a picture of how Gamma Capitals has added all necessary features and services that are needed for beginning your trading journey in the crypto market quickly and easily.

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