How to Buy Ethereum: The Best Crypto Exchanges to Use

Ethereum is the leading project when it comes to smart contracts. Even though the project has challenges with scalability, it has managed to maintain its exalted position.

The good news is that the best days for the project are still ahead, not behind. Ethereum definitely has plans to improve on its services and stay ahead of the smart contract pack.

Analysts from JP Morgan and others have affirmed that the project is getting set to outperform Bitcoin in 2024. This is because of certain improvements that the team has in the pipelines.

One of them is the EIP-4844 upgrade or Protodanksharding, which the analysts said will improve Ethereum activity and lead to the token ETH outperforming Bitcoin. 

If that sounds like great news to you, it is time to start preparing for the rally, and there’s no better way to do this than to buy the asset. We’ll make the journey easier for you by highlighting the best exchanges you can use to buy ETH.


Coinbase has a unique selection of assets including Ethereum that you can buy easily. The exchange offers various ways to deposit fiat, but some methods are more expensive than others. 

You can use bank transfer to deposit funds for free, or you can buy Ethereum instantly using your debit or credit card. The use of cards attracts a 3.99% fee,  while bank transfer is free. 

Coinbase’s fees are generally higher than the fees of other exchanges. However, the simple design of the platform makes it an appealing place for beginners to easily buy assets. You can also use the mobile app which gives you access to the exchange.


eToro is a social trading platform that allows the trading of not just crypto assets but other assets as well. It is one of the most reliable platforms to use for buying Ethereum because it is regulated in several countries including the UK, Cyprus among others.

The platform is designed to accommodate users with different levels of trading experience and is fully accessible on the web and mobile devices as an app. You can buy Ethereum directly using fiat through one of the many deposit methods available on the platform.


Binance is one of the best places to buy Ethereum because of its deep liquidity which makes it possible to trade the token for other assets. The exchange is also known for its adaptation to beginners as well as experienced users.

While beginners have the Lite version, pro traders can use the Pro version which is loaded with advanced features that experienced traders need. You’ll also find that Binance charges lower fees than most other crypto exchanges.

You may deposit funds on the exchange using various methods including bank transfer, and you can buy Ethereum directly with your debit or credit card at 2% fee. This method allows you to buy Ethereum instantly but costs more. is a reliable crypto exchange because it is a highly regulated crypto exchange. It is reputed to comply with the regulations in jurisdictions where it operates, making it more secure than most.

It is also a beginner-friendly place to buy Ethereum, allowing you to use different methods to buy. This exchange also has low fees that make it a cheap place to easily buy Ethereum and transfer to your personal wallet.


Kraken is another reliable exchange that allows you to buy Ethereum. Its design is with features that makes it excellent for all users to easily buy Ethereum and other crypto assets. Kraken also allows you to stake Ethereum and earn 25% APY.

The platform is also known for charging lower trading fees than most other exchanges. Kraken is also a highly secure exchange because it has never been breached since its launch in 2011. After buying your Ethereum, you can send it to your personal wallet or trade it on the exchange.

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