The Best 5 Crypto Exchanges to Use in the United Kingdom (UK)

The Best 5 Crypto Exchanges to Use in the United Kingdom (UK)

The UK is one of the few countries that have clearly shown that they are interested in making their jurisdiction a hub for crypto companies.

This started with the current Prime Minister publicly declaring that he was determined to make the country friendly towards crypto companies worldwide. The local regulator, the FCA has also publicly invited crypto companies to help draft regulation for the industry.

This makes the country very open to the industry, and if you’re living there, you should take advantage of this. If you’re reading this article, it means you’re already considering taking advantage of the friendly environment and looking for a good exchange to use.

The following are the best platforms you can use to buy and trade crypto assets in the UK.


Coinbase is a popular crypto exchange in the UK. It is in fact the most trusted crypto exchange in the country for buying and trading of crypto assets. You can buy and trade over 250 crypto assets on the exchange, as well as stake and earn passive income.

The platform is very suitable for beginners because of its simple design which makes the user interface easy to navigate. If you are a pro, no problem. There is also Coinbase pro which caters to experts like you.

One thing to note though is that Coinbase’s fees are quite high compared to other crypto exchanges. If this isn’t an issue for you, this platform is absolutely perfect for you in the UK.


Coinbase is a trusted exchange in the UK, but it is of American origin. If you prefer a platform that is indigenous to the UK, welcome to CEX.IO. This is a local crypto exchange registered and regulated by the FCA.

It allows users to buy crypto assets using a variety of methods including credit/debit cards, bank transfer, Apple Pay, etc. You can also participate in other earn programs such as staking or savings accounts to earn passive income.

This exchange is known for charging very low fees. It is also one with a simple user interface which makes it quite attractive for beginners with little or no experience in the crypto space.


Kraken is another trusted crypto exchange in the UK that is of American origin. The exchange is trusted in hundreds of other countries as well and services millions of customers worldwide. You can buy and sell crypto exchanges on it in the UK.

Unfortunately, this is really all that you can do with it in the UK as the authorities do not permit the exchange to offer futures or margin trading services. There are over 350 supported crypto assets, so you have a lot of options to work with. 

The good thing about Kraken is that the fees are quite low and anyone with any level of exposure to crypto can use it. 


eToro is a regulated crypto exchange in the UK and several European countries. The exchange has a great reputation globally, and is known as the foremost social crypto trading platform in the world.

The social trading feature allows you to learn and master crypto trading by copying the trades of experts. This reduces your risks and at the same time gives you the opportunity to learn from the best.

eToro is also a multi-asset platform, meaning it doesn’t only support cryptocurrencies. You’ll also find assets such as stocks available to buy with crypto and vice versa.

Another exchange you can trust for buying and selling of your crypto assets is The exchange has licenses from several jurisdictions including the UK. You can buy and sell over 350 crypto assets on the exchange easily and quickly.

The exchange also allows users to stake their assets to earn handsome rewards. You’ll also enjoy low fees on this platform as well as reliability as it is fully registered and regulated in the UK.

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