The Best 5 NFT Marketplaces to Use on Solana

The Best 5 NFT Marketplaces to Use on Solana

Solana is a top proof-of-stake blockchain network that has gained much popularity in the crypto space. 

The network popularly known as “The Ethereum Killer” has grown to become the fifth largest crypto network by market capitalization. Just like Ethereum, it is a network that supports the building of decentralized applications and smart contracts.

It also supports other aspects of web3 like non-fungible tokens (NFT), decentralized finance (DeFi), and others. As a network with superior performance and efficiency, Solana has attracted many developers and is currently the supporter of several leading NFT marketplaces.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the top five NFT marketplaces supported by this project that not only make it easier to trade NFTs but also cheaper. 

Magic Eden

This is one of the oldest Solana NFT marketplaces. Launched in 2021, the marketplace grew rather fast and has been the biggest marketplace on Solana till date, which is not surprising because of what the platform has to offer.

Its design appeals to NFT creators, collectors, and traders, which are the major components of its community of users. It features Creator Hub, an easy platform for developers to build and launch their projects.

The simple design makes it perfect for collectors to build their collections with access to popular collections, upcoming drops, and trending announcements. Traders can also avail themselves of the information on price, sales, time period, supply, owners, and more to make the best trading decisions.

This is a marketplace that is focused on digital art rather than picture arts which most platforms focus on. It features handpicked pieces of art across the Solana ecosystem, and you can filter which art categories you wish to view easily.

You can view the profiles of and follow your favorite creators on the platform. You can also create your own arts or curate existing ones and become a top player on the rather social marketplace.

Whether you’re looking for an NFT art collection you can use in your real world house or just trade them in your wallet, is the perfect place to go and start collecting.


This is a marketplace that was built mainly for traders. The platform has lots of amazing features like real-time data, candlestick charts, and automated market making (AMM) pools for NFTs, which make it stand out. 

The platform also has a system that rewards you for every activity you carry out. These include making trades, placing bids, or providing liquidity. Rewards may be NFT airdrops or mystery boxes, and the more active you are the more you earn.

Lastly, the platform is user-friendly, with a Pro interface for advanced traders and a Lite interface for those who are not so experienced. The Lite version has a simpler design overall and also an attractive visual design.


SolSea is recognized as the first NFT marketplace on Solana. Apart from holding this prestigious position, it also has a lot to offer. You’ll find NFTs with embedded licenses (NFT-PROs) which it offers exclusively, and also Rarity Rank calculations for collections which cater to both creators and traders. 

You can use a variety of wallets on this platform, including Phantom, Solflare, and Ledger, ensuring ease of access and a seamless user experience.which makes it available to a wide range of users and also easily accessible.

Another impressive thing about SolSea is its low fees and the option for trading with fiat currencies via Moonpay. The platform caters to all types of users, both beginners and pro users.


DigitalEyes is another leading NFT marketplace on Solana, and is the first of its kind to launch on the network. It allows users to install, purchase, and sell NFTs on the Solana blockchain. It also gives you access to a wide selection of NFT collections both new and popular.

One of its most outstanding features is the mint calendar which displays forthcoming NFT launches, which allows potential buyers to participate at the early stage and make more profit.

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