5 Million New Addresses Added to Ethereum Blockchain in the Past 30 Days

Ethereum is up for a scheduled upgrade which already means stability and return of the efficiency towards the world’s largest small contract development platform, which is Ethereum’s blockchain. It is the most incredible and overhauling platform that offers support for NFT oriented digital products. You will be thrilled to know that Ethereum has pulled off the addition of more than 5 million new addresses on its blockchain over the course of the last 30 days. This means that more NFT action is headed for Ethereum’s blockchain, and with all possibilities, the NFT universe is far from being chased out.

According to some analysts, Ethereum is kind of flipping the Bitcoin, and it is taking place right now, and the word has it that it will be done soon enough, or so it is believed by many analysts that are Ethereum pro. This broader adoption of Ethereum will increase the chances for more NFT exploration, and hopefully, the industry might tie a permanent knot with Ethereum’s blockchain for good. The new updates scheduled for Ethereum’s blockchain are definitely going to have a blast into increasing the overall efficiency and speed of the network, thus increasing the adoption one way or the other.

Ethereum might not have yet passed Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization and per token value, but its blockchain has certainly passed that of Bitcoin in terms of the daily active addresses, and this is something that has happened for the first time in history too. This thing in itself is a signal that the world’s most adopted cryptocurrency is on its route to becoming the most popular as well. The very reason is the adaptability of Ethereum for the development of smart contracts fast for the consumers and the delivery of the content that takes place in an agile and safe fashion.

If things continue at the speed they are, then it is not too late for Ethereum to have a primary role of its own in drafting smart contacts and increasing the digital adoption for its network as Bitcoin has one for itself, which is being the most overpriced cryptocurrency there is.

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