How Investors Can Handle Heightened Inflation This Summer

The continued prices surge globally has left average investors uneasy and average consumers reeling. Meanwhile, tools to fight inflation are few. And if you can capitalize on them, the time could be now.

Consider I-Bonds

I-bonds (Inflation-adjusted bonds) have been primarily irrelevant within the last decade but might be crucial in fighting inflation. That’s since they pay interest rates with two modules: adjusted inflation rate and fixed interest rate. The previous decade had inflation and interest rates abnormally low. That meant I-bonds remained unattractive to ordinary investors.

However, I-bonds might secure spots in most portfolios as inflation surges to 4-decade highs, reading 8.6%. I-bonds pay 9.62%, though the rate changes more than once each year. Moreover, investors lose the final three months of rates whenever they redeem it before five years and are allowed to buy bonds worth $10,000 yearly. Moreover, assured interest beyond the current inflation remains considerable within prevailing economic conditions.

Do Not Rush Paying Fixed-Rate Mortgage

Fixed-rate mortgage holders are among the few winning categories during inflation. Most individuals that bought real estate within the past decade have lucrative arrangements with a fixed, low-rate mortgage. That means they borrowed cash at lower rates than available today. Thus, paying back won’t attract surging monthly payments as renters do. Meanwhile, fixed mortgage originators feel the heat amidst surging prices as they can’t increase rates.

Continue Investing

Stocks have historically flourished amidst inflation, so savvy investors would continue investing during prevailing markets. Though the space hit the bear market regions this year, long-term investors perceive the move as an opportunity, not a calamity. You can capitalize on the current downturn to enjoy impressive returns in the decades to come.

Moreover, though massive cash piles might offer psychological comfort in plunging markets, runway inflation might erode investors’ long-run buying power if they earn 1% only on their savings. After establishing a stable emergence fund, consider amplifying contributions to your education and retirement savings account to combat rapidly surging prices.

Though inflation remains a massive challenge for almost all investors, there’s always something to fight apparent headwinds. You can use the above strategies to fight back the escalating inflation.

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