Stock Price Movement of Edwards Lifesciences, Visa, and more Companies

Edwards Lifesciences – Shares Fell by 3.6%

The share prices for Edwards Lifesciences reportedly experienced a 3.6% dip in the premarket trading. The maker of the artificial heart valve had recently revealed that it generated earnings and revenue that were higher than the analysts’ estimations.

It is quite surprising that Edwards Lifesciences ended up experiencing a dip in the stock market even though it shared promising earnings for the recent quarter. The only factor that may have led to Edwards Lifesciences experiencing a dip in share prices would be the revenue guidance it shared. The information suggests that the revenue guidance Edwards Lifesciences’ executives shared was weaker than the current figures.

Visa – Shares Soared by 5.5%

The share prices for Visa experienced a 5.5% surge in the premarket trading. According to information, the share prices for the payment firm experienced a surge after its executives shared its earnings report for the first quarter of 2022.

Visa executives revealed that the company successfully met and crossed the top and bottom expectations set by the analysts. They revealed that it is due to the constant demand that is growing due to the travel recovery.

For the respective quarter, the payment firms’ executives revealed that Refinitiv analysts had predicted revenue worth $6.83 billion. The adjusted earnings the Refinitiv analysts had predicted for the quarter were $1.65 per share.

Against the predictions, the actual revenue Visa generated for the quarter was worth $7.19 billion. The adjusted earnings the Visa executives reported to have achieved for the first quarter of 2022 are $1.79 per share.

Texas Instruments – Shares Dipped by 2.9%

The share prices for Texas Instruments reportedly experienced a 2.9% dip in the premarket trading. Texas Instruments reported weak earnings for the first quarter of 2022. The company revealed that due to the Chinese COVID restrictions, the demand has continued to reduce. It also expects that the situation may remain the same in near future.

Boeing – Shares Dipped by 1.3%

The share prices for Boeing experienced a 1.3% dip in the premarket trading. Boeing experienced the dip after sharing its weaker-than-expected revenue and earnings for the first quarter of 2022.

Furthermore, Boeing added that the production of the 777X planes has been paused due to a lack of demand. They have announced that the 777X planes will not be required for delivery until 2025, so until then, no more production will be carried out.

Boeing has been facing many issues in regards to its 777X planes and the issues started rising back in 2020. Since then, there have been several incidents involving the 777X planes and now, Boeing is trying to fix all the problems that have been highlighted with the planes.

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