The Best 5 Crypto and Blockchain Conferences to Attend in 2024

It’s another crypto year in 2024, and industry players have hit the ground running. Lots of new projects are coming up, and events are being set up to have meaningful discussions about the crypto and blockchain industry.

Most of these events come in the form of conferences, and they provide a useful avenue for key players to have discussions and interactions that can lead to the overall growth and health of the industry.

Just like any other year, there are key events already planned for 2024 that you can attend if you’re interested. Attendees usually include heads of projects in various capacities, policy makers in government, journalists, and all round crypto fans and enthusiasts.

Through such events, many collaborations have been forged that have resulted in business alliances. The great thing is, you can access any of these events online if you can’t be there in person, and the opportunities remain the same as you can access everything anyone on ground can.

Without any further ado, here are the best crypto and blockchain events you should register for and plan to attend as we go into the crypto year.

CONF3RENCE- Dortmund, Germany

You know how the line between crypto/blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) is getting more blurred by the day? Well here is a conference that is affirming this reality. It is a cryptocurrency, blockchain, and (AI) conference scheduled for 15 and 16 May 2024. 

The event will be held in a football stadium in Dortmund, Germany called Signal Iduna Park. expected attendees include executives from various industries to explore “exciting possibilities that emerge when bridging the gap between the traditional economy and Web3.”

Key speakers at the event include Stefan Ebener of Google, Madison Edgar of Activision Blizzard, Christian Rau of Mastercard, Timo Kistner of Nvidia, Thomas Barkias of European Central Bank, and more.

Consensus 2024, Austin, USA

Consensus is an annual event hosted by leading news and media company CoinDesk. It typically features conversations with visionaries within the crypto industry about industry challenges, regulations, a decentralized future, and more.

This year, it is scheduled to be held from 29 May to 31 May 2024 in Austin, Texas in the USA. highlights of the event will include keynotes from the industry’s prominent leaders on market-moving topics, programs focusing on finance and investing, crypto learning, fundraising platforms, and an immersive art gallery.

Paris Blockchain Week – Paris, France

This is another annual crypto and blockchain event that is held in Paris, France. This year, the five-day event will be held between 8 April and 12 April 2024. As always, it is expected to bring together  business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and developers from the blockchain, Web3, and finance industry.

Key speakers at the event include Mihailo Bjelic of Polygon, Yat Siu of Animoca Brands, Tadge Dryja of Lightning Network, and Claire Calmejane of Societe Generale. Top topics will include  decentralized finance adoption trends, artificial intelligence, web3 brands, NFT gaming, enterprise blockchain, crypto regulations, and more.

Devcon – Southeast Asia

This event is Ethereum’s biggest annual conference that will be held in Southeast Asia this year. hosted by the Ethereum Foundation, the event brings together thought leaders to teach the community and discuss the industry’s future.

The conference also features workshop rooms, dedicated co-work areas, bookable meeting spaces, and hacker basements for people to come together to meet and work. The date and location for the event is yet to be decided, but will be announced in due course.

Bitcoin 2024 – Nashville, USA

Closing this list is a conference named after the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. As the name suggests, the annual conference has Bitcoin as its central theme. hosted by Bitcoin Magazine, this year’s edition will be held from 25 July to 27 July 2024 in Nashville, USA. 

The event this year has an extra aura to it as this is the year for the next Bitcoin halving. Last year, it drew over 15,000 attendees including presidential aspirant Robert F. Kennedy as one of the key speakers.  

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