The Best Crypto Exchanges to Use in South Korea in 2024

The Best Crypto Exchanges to Use in South Korea in 2024

South Korea is a country with strict regulations concerning cryptocurrencies. The country has several legislations that seek to regulate crypto.

As a result, several indigenous crypto exchanges have exited the country and those that remain face strict regulatory demands. However, the industry still thrives there and there are many top crypto platforms that you can use if you live there.

Whether your goal is to buy and hold crypto assets or trade actively, you need a reliable crypto trading platform to be effective at it. In this guide, we name five of the top crypto exchanges you can use to buy and trade assets in South Korea.


eToro has won the hearts of regulators in Europe as the platform is quite popular within the region, but it doesn’t stop there. It is also a popular exchange inSouth Korea where several exchanges couldn’t make it.

Being a social trading platform, the exchange has more to offer than just a crypto trading platform. As a beginner, you can use it to earn and perfect your crypto trading strategies by copying the trades of pro traders.

eToro is also unconventional since it doesn’t only support the trading or crypto assets but also other assets such as bonds and stocks, giving users many opinions to deal with.


Bybit is an advanced crypto trading platform that is widely known for derivatives trading. The platform has its headquarters in Dubai, but is quite popular in South East Asian countries including South Korea.

As it is an advanced derivatives trading platform, you shouldn’t use it as a beginner unless you just want to buy and transfer your assets to a personal wallet. The exchange however charges low fees, which is one of the reasons that it is so popular.

Bybit is also a great platform for other crypto activities such as staking to earn rewards, which beginners can also participate in. it supports over 1,000 crypto assets, so you have a lot of things to work with.


This is a global crypto exchange providing services to over 30 million users worldwide. The exchange is also quite popular in Asian countries, including South Korea. You can buy and trade over 700 crypto assets on it at very low fees.

KuCoin also provides services such as staking to earn rewards, which anyone can be a part of. It is also a simple platform for everyone, unlike Bybit which is for pro traders only. Whatever your level of experience, you can use it.

It also features crypto trading bots which can help you to trade in an automated way, keeping you from making mistakes that will cost you money. There is also an NFT marketplace for those into NFTs.


Binance is the leading crypto trading platform in the world with over 100 million users from hundreds of countries including South Korea. Even though the platform left SOuth Korea for about two years, it returned about a year ago and still operates well there.

There are over 350 listed crypto assets on the crypto giant, and you can also partake of rewarding activities offered through Binance Earn, such as staking and savings to earn interest on your portfolio.

Binance is easy to use, both on the app and on the website, because its design is for both advanced and beginner users. The fees are also among the lowest in the industry, making it a perfect platform for anyone.


Upbit is the most popular crypto exchange in South Korea, probably because it is the largest indigenous crypto exchange in the country. In spite of the strict regulatory environment in SOuth Korea, the exchange has managed to survive.

Its operates under Korean tech giant Kakao, contributing significantly to the Korean blockchain industry. The platform has an excellent selection of crypto assets, a user-friendly interface, and high priority on security, making it a safe platform for all things crypto.

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