Columbia Wants To Teach Youth About Crypto Trading Via Gamification

Despite the fact that crypto adoption is on the rise and especially Bitcoin is the most sought out cryptocurrency there is, people need to learn about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and other varied determinants of the crypto market to be able to understand it. Simply wanting something and joining a group of like-minded people who know about that specific something and you don’t is not going to get you any closer to your objectives. There are people out there who want to invest in cryptocurrency without even knowing what it is, what does it do and how it is being controlled and catered to?

Columbia is taking this thing very seriously, and for the sake of educating the masses and especially the youth, it is using gamification, which is an old and tested technique of making people assertive and close to something by formulating the schematics and techniques of that specific something in the form of a game. So for this project, multiple games are being developed which revolve around the idea of cryptocurrencies, the stock market, and crypto trading as well.

Columbia Wants To Spread Crypto Awareness

The ultimate objective of this project is to get people affiliated and acclimated with both crypto and stock markets, so they have the right tools, mindset, and understanding of how both of these work. At present, over $30,000 are being invested into this project, and soon enough, multiple gaming apps will be developed imitating crypto and stock trading so that young people can grasp this knowledge only to use it afterwards.

This is going to be a board game in which both the children and adults can play and similarly learn about both the crypto and stock market. The idea was proposed by Henry Jean Velasquez for the sake of boosting financial literacy among young and old Colombians. The playing mode for the game is yet under discussion, it is either going to be a player versus computer game, or multiple players could interact with each other and strategize in regards to buying and selling stocks and crypto in real-time fostered in a simulated environment.

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