Head of Antitrust Advisory and White House Correspondent Reveals his Million-Dollar Bitcoin Holdings

Tim Wu has recently been appointed as a special advisor to president Joe Biden. The recent financial filing of Wu reveals that he is a crypto millionaire. Wu has made it public in the financial asset declaration process that he has invested about 25% of his wealth in cryptocurrencies. His digital assets of choice are Bitcoin and Filecoin. As per the reports, it can be said that Wu holds somewhere between $1 million to $5 million in BTC and about ten thousand dollars in FILE.

The job description of Wu is to serve as an advisor on the antitrust policies and for researching the antitrust policies. He has also been a professor at the University of Colombia in the capacity of the professor. The reports also include the accumulation of wealth from his teaching career. Another source of income can be traced back to his reporting services. Wu wrote opinion articles for New York Times and made some other media appearances and interviews.

Washington’s Crypto Mogul has Put Lesser Eggs in the Gold Basket rather than Digital Assets

Wu has been a vocal advocate of leading the antitrust campaign against tech companies. He even authored an article for New York Times on the topic of Bitcoin. According to his article, he argued that Bitcoin was in a bubble. He also mentioned in the article that Bitcoin and the blockchain industry have been able to capture something important in the market. It is interesting to note that his total investment reflects a leaning towards cryptocurrencies.

With the help of Vanguard Investment, he has declared that he has invested somewhere around $15K to $50K in Gold bars. In comparison to his million-dollar worth of crypto investment, the gold ratio is dwarfed. However, he also owns a good enough portion of the property in DC State and Buenos Aires with his wife. Tim Wu also served under the Obama administration, and the Biden administration now invites him to serve as a member of the National Economic Council.

Tim Wu’s net worth is estimated to fall under the bracket of $4 to $11.5 million. He served under President Obama as heading the antitrust advisory during 2011 for one year. During this time, he was vocal about his antitrust policies for the big tech sector. Wu has also been in opposition to the increasing influence of corporations like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple. 

He also gained a lot of popularity in media for coming up with the term Net neutrality. The term calls for equal internet rights for all consumers. His increasing trust reflects these actions in the DeFi sector and cryptocurrencies. The news has been taken as a positive sign in the crypto community that is undergoing a FUD at the moment.

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